Panettone by Iginio Massari: online shop suspended due to over-orders
Panettone by Iginio Massari: online shop suspended due to over-orders

Do you know those times when the Corriere (to name one, eh, it could have been La Repubblica) shoots headlines that usually include the expression "storm on social media"?

Here, he could refrain from doing it this time that Iginio Massari has unexpectedly closed his online store why unable to satisfy customer requests?

At Christmas they all wanted the panettone of the master pastry chef from Brescia (real winner of the second edition of The Greatest Pastry Chef, although Sebastiano Caridi excelled last night in the RaiDue baking talent, "hipster style and hawk mustache"), but the great chamberlain (hem …) of Veneto pastry shop from Brescia has objected a proud refusal:

"We are not an industry, it was not possible to organize ourselves in time to satisfy all requests".

And to say that, despite the queues at the online shop cart, Iginio Massari's dessert does not come away for free.

True, it is a decadent, fabulous, almost pornographic spectacle, indeed to be precise we have defined the panettone "exuberant, voluptuous, colored yellow as to seem painted, with an amaretto glaze that is pure avant-garde and the fruit is fruit, not the preserved one. with sulfur dioxide ", but 32/33 euros are anything but a joke.

And yet, gluttonous sinners willing to spend them in order to taste the famous panettone did not take well the news that Iginio Massari's virtual shop will return in January, while the sale of Christmas sweets will continue only in the pastry shop in via Salvo D'Acquisto. 8 in Brescia.

At least judging by the unsweetened comments left to the master's laconic message on the Facebook page:

“I am very sorry to have to make this announcement but we are no longer able to meet the demand. The online shop will be back in January. You will find the full range of Christmas sweets in our store - Pasticceria Veneto - in Brescia. Thanks ".

Iginio Massari panettone
Iginio Massari panettone

The content of the answers was this:

"Honestly, I was hoping for a different organization."

"With so many good young people for a walk, to hire someone more for this period, right? It certainly doesn't take a genius to understand that there would have been more requests in December ».

«Excellent shop closed in the most important month !!! A great organization! ".

Massari's response was not long in coming:

"Do you have a vague idea of the quantities? Do you think that I would not be happy if I could satisfy everyone? How could we handle X orders? The warehouse to store them is not large, every day it is freed to make room for the others. I remind you that we produce every day ».

Got it now? You will also be willing to pay € 32 for a panettone but please, do not expect that a laboratory or a pastry shop, however sophisticated and organized, will automatically turn into an industry.


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