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Homemade pizza with the Crunch method for those on a diet
Homemade pizza with the Crunch method for those on a diet

As you may remember, I climbed the peaks of Alano di Piave (BL) to find Denis Lovatel, a postmodern pizza chef who, having recovered the recipe of his pizza chef dad since 1977, has combined the ancient grains and ferried everything into the contemporary world.

Result: the pizza made with the crunch method that brought howling reviews of pleasure in the sector guides and the line of customers at the entrance to the pizzeria. Not happy, Lovatel has put his hand to the condiments, inventing, together with the nutritionist Luisa Piva, the pizza, as we want to call it… dietetic, vegan, healthy?

No hives please, keep the curses on the tip of the tongue. Despite the tristanzuoli names, your obsession with pizza claims the recipe.


light pizza ingredients
light pizza ingredients

500 g of flour of which 400 g of strong flour (W 280-320) and 100 g of Saragolla or Senatore Cappelli wheat, 275 g of water, 10 g of salt, 2 g of fresh brewer's yeast, 8 g of extra virgin olive oil of olive.

This is the so-called cruch dough of which I have already spoken to you; this however is a version without chariot, with direct method.

The yeast is then dissolved in part of the water, at room temperature. Add the flour and the rest of the water little by little to create a well-strung dough.

Once the mixer is turned off, add salt, start kneading again until the dough is smooth again, add the oil gradually, making sure that the dough does not break.

At this point, the movement of the machine is maintained until the dough is very smooth, opaque and makes small crescent "puffs" on the surface where the mixer hook passes.

light pizza
light pizza

If you are interested in combining physical exercise, the dough can also be done by hand, as promptly demonstrated by the good Lovatel: expect about 45 minutes of work.

Once done, put the dough in a pan, cover it with a little cling film and leave it in the fridge for 36 hours.

Before pulling it, it is left to rise at room temperature for another 6 hours.

light pizza
light pizza

The first diet lunge arrives: the pizza loaves should be made of 170 gr not 200. Present the slice left on the plate because you are uncomfortable after having brushed the pizza in 4 first and 30 seconds, despite the diet you are undergoing?

Here, the idea is to make it disappear, a kind of a priori renunciation of excess calorie [editor's note. with the above doses come about 4 discs].

What do I put on it?

light pizza
light pizza

What to know about this dough: it is called "Crunch" because the pizza is made up of two layers of crunchy dough a few millimeters high, held together by a large number of cells.

Low, crunchy, very appetizing, it is not the classic Neapolitan pizza, so to speak.

There are three versions that I propose: for the base, a ladle of San Marzano tomato sauce and 80 grams of fiordilatte mozzarella are always used, which can be replaced, by fearless palates, with just as much tofu cream.


A winter pizza that includes radicchio di Treviso (always praised), baked in the oven with a drizzle of oil and pepper to which grilled slices of Seitan and a few drops of quince jam are added.

I know I know. I also wondered how the slices of seitan and the cream of tofu fit into this cornucopia of Treviso flavors, but I keep (with difficulty) aplomb and respect for the choices of all mankind (you eat the seitan though).


Then there is the classic vegetable dressing, where each variety cooks on its own: scapece zucchini, soaked onion, grilled peppers and confit tomatoes. It is completed with thin slices of raw celery soaked in water and ice and a sprinkling of turmeric, which is so nouvelle vague.


A fusion version could not be missing from this healthy trio. We mix grilled peppers, confit cherry tomatoes, soaked onion with a handful of boiled edamame and combined with a tablespoon of toasted sunflower seeds.

The pizza, seasoned according to one of these three versions, has a caloric intake ranging from 750 calories (in the version with seitan and fioridlatte) to 600 calories (in the vegetable version with tofu).

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