Gualtiero Marchesi is back on TV: the pupil Cracco reminds him of the flops
Gualtiero Marchesi is back on TV: the pupil Cracco reminds him of the flops

"Spectacular, extreme and at the same time bow a very hard daily job is a betrayal," he said Gualtiero Marchesi from Masterchef regardless of the reactions of Carlo Cracco, his pupil in 1986 in Milan and then again for three years at the L’Albereta restaurant in Erbusco.

And if today the octogenarian master of Italian cuisine were a novice young chef, would he have joined Masterchef? Of course not, he would have toiled in the kitchen to learn, in television not even thinking about it.

Time passes, ideas change.

He will have enough of culinary talent shows, but from February every Sunday at 10 for six episodes Gualtiero Marchesi will be on Channel 5 with a new cooking program, Sunday Lunch ”Together with Elenoire Casalegno.

And Carlo Cracco, the disciple of the past, today the leading actor of popular nutritional TV, does not miss the opportunity to consume a little revenge:

“Marchesi says yours will be an educational TV? Sure! … Now he comes to cover this lack … .

But what does the new program consist of?

Competitors offer a three-course menu: first course, second course and dessert. An ALMA graduate, the cooking school where Marchesi teaches, runs the same menu as the competitor to show at home how it should be prepared. But between the former student and the competitor there will be a constructive dialogue, not a competition.

Don't call it talent, Marchesi puts his hands on. Its format is different from other cooking programs (ettepareva), it is no coincidence that the best candidate receives as a reward access to the Alma school, an authoritative training center for future catering professionals.

Be that as it may, for Carlo Cracco this distinction between pedagogical TV (by Marchesi) and second-tier TV (his) does not really go down. And it increases the dose:

“Unfortunately, memory is always short. Marchesi was among the first to go on TV, but it didn't work. I remember it well, it was a program on Rai 2, because I also went sometimes as an assistant. We wondered why it didn't work. It was probably still too early. Then he criticized a lot of all these chefs on television…. but now he will go to cover this lack …"

In fact, the TV appearances of the elderly master have certainly not gone down in history.

Who remembers today What are you doing, are you eating? - broadcast on RaiDue between 1983 and 1984, with Gualtiero Marchesi in the role of the cook who prepared the dish then tasted by the musical guest on duty?

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