Milan: Anteo will be the first cinema-restaurant in Italy
Milan: Anteo will be the first cinema-restaurant in Italy

Memorable meals are served on the big screen. Raise your hand if you have never wanted to work out with the protagonists of a good film, especially when they seem to be enjoying it enough.

In short, you don't live on popcorn alone or on the s lurp of an ice cream swallowed secretly.

If you are alert, raise your glasses: the menage à trois between you, cinema and good food is about to take place thanks to the restoration of the Antaeus cinema from Milan, that will become the first cinema-restaurant in Italy. More advanced than a previous project carried out at the HART cinema / theater in Naples.

The newly created Palazzo del Cinema will double the spaces, for a total of 5000 square meters - going from the current 4 theaters to 10.

The cinema room, with twenty numbered seats, will be equipped with a restaurant service: the armchairs will be completely removed to make room for the tables. It has yet to be decided whether long tables inspired by social food, or smaller tables to promote the intimacy that cinema offers.

But the cinema hall, although innovative, is not the only culinary connotation of the Palazzo del Cinema, which will host a literary café, a sushi bar and educational workshops for schools, just like in Berlin and Chicago.

The project was made possible thanks to the recovery of the spaces adjacent to the Anteo cinema, with a 28-year lease and a rental fee of 180,000 euros for the first three years and 245,000 euros for the following years.

The investment planned by the Anteo company for the redevelopment of the spaces is 4 million euros, the completion of the works for the Palazzo del Cinema is scheduled for September 2017. In the meantime, the Anteo will remain open.

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