Stop to GMO salmon, for the moment
Stop to GMO salmon, for the moment

Stop at GMO salmon. Initially, last November, the American Food and Drug Administration authorized the import of genetically modified salmon into the United States, judging it to be "as safe and nutritious as wild Atlantic salmon".

A decision in its own historical way: it is the first transgenic animal approved for consumption on the tables of Americans after a review process that lasted years and which led to great controversy.

But yesterday the Washington Post reported the news of a temporary freeze on imports. The reason is that no agreement has been found on the labeling rules and the consequent guidelines for consumption.

an Atlantic salmon engineered with a growth hormone gene from king salmon.

Genetically modified salmon is engineered with a growth hormone gene from king salmon, which is why it has accelerated growth: 18 months for full development instead of the three years required on farm.

At first there was talk of a stop due to some checks - for example, to check if the nutritional values were the same as those of farmed salmon - but now the matter seems more serious.

It could be a long block for years. The directive issued by Congress was solicited by several satellite bodies that monitor the quality of the catch.

A real step back then? Likely.

For now, those celebrating are the opponents of transgenic food, that is, organizations that fight against the use of GMOs both in farming and for food purposes.

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