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Gualtiero Marchesi against everyone
Gualtiero Marchesi against everyone

A man of communication is born, a chef is made. In the excited squawking of the last few days, while Canale 5 has managed to even capitulate Gualtiero Marchesi and transform him into a chef star (yes, he too), the declarations of the Master touch the crime of treason, with the aggravating circumstance of futile reasons.

Let's recap: Sunday up Channel 5 the first episode of the new program was aired Sunday lunch ”(Which will be followed by an argued review) to which Gualtiero Marchesi has chosen to lend his face.

This decision, for the sake of the news, comes after an endless series of blows (not very light) to media cooks who, in the opinion of the Master, are more concerned with appearing than cooking.

So far, so good. If it weren't for the fact that Panorama publishes yet another interview (here some excerpts) which provokes reprisals on various fronts for the very daring declarations of Marchesi.

We all know that he had a goliardic spirit. That he said sparkling things to create the case too. On the other hand, a man of communication is born. For everything else there is Alma.

This time, however, the national Gualtiero shot her so big that no one was saved. Nobody, really.

And I doubt that his intellectual freedom, his being outside the box always and in any case has always brought him more enemies than Bin Laden in the golden age. All without batting an eye.

Can Marchesi afford what others cannot? Is he the only voice out of the chorus really without any kind of filter? Has the age of "censorship" come? Is he kidding us all?

Gualtiero Marchesi, interview with Panorama
Gualtiero Marchesi, interview with Panorama


“We have to see how these rankings are made (50 Best Restaurants). Just think that Bottura is always among the top three. A friend who has just been to the Osteria Francescana showed me a series of dishes, and I didn't understand a thing. My cooks went there, and they didn't like it “.

This is enough for Marchesi to bury what, in recent years, is the most prominent and most acclaimed Italian gastronomic figure. Usually a dish is not judged by a photograph: I would say that, at the very least, it should be tasted. But perhaps Marchesi makes more sense than mere mortals and can hear tastes through the screen of a smartphone.


“Can I say it brutally? Watching Masterchef you learn shit. We do not look for the essence, the quality, the material. We must exalt the material, not ourselves .

“I can't stand that people are forced to be creative to the bitter end, to produce cows”.

“I don't like to exhibit, I'm not like someone, I don't mention names, he's always on the track, with the desire for success. When I was young I didn't even leave the kitchen, I was ashamed"

"I'm afraid my program will end up in the cauldron of all other cooking shows, even if it will be the best".

Modesty is not the pride of the home, but with its history it can happen. Bad language is functional to provocations. There is also criticism of those who are "more form than substance", but now that his face is also on TV … come on!

Far be it from me to defend MasterChef as a school of haute cuisine, but I don't think that, at the end of the season, a certificate of attendance or the diploma of successful chef is issued. It's entertainment, this should be clear to everyone by now.


“In Erbusco I didn't let the dishes out until the waiters had made the glasses disappear. At the very least, I allowed it to be served in such a way that it would not disturb, between courses .

“I haven't touched alcohol for 17 years, what should I do, wine makes me sick“.

We live in a free country, where everyone says what they like, let alone if they can't express themselves on a subject as personal as the choice of what to drink.

It is strange, it must be said, that such a declaration comes from a figure like that of Gualtiero Marchesi, who has become an ambassador of Italian cuisine in the world, as well as of its excellence. If this is a provocation, dear Gualtiero, the emoticon should also go to the bottom of the sentence.


“It was enough for me to see Antonello Colonna twice with nightmare hotels: stuff for scoundrels“.

Colonna, the Marquis de Roma, will be glad to know.


I take this opportunity: if I like them, I make the thread and throw it to them. If it doesn't work out, patience. I really don't like them young, huh. What happens: forty, fifty. I tease them, then I'm nice, nice, I know how to do it. I don't take them to the cinema, I take them to bed “.

Never mind.


My heir? Paolo Lopriore, the only genius. Then there are those who have worked well: Oldani, Cracco, Berton, all people who cook with passion and intelligence, but he deserves something more. When we worked together we were fused, it was no longer clear what was mine and what was hers. A club will open in Como, I want to go there “.

Eventually something nice managed to say it.

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