The 270 calories per liter of Coca Cola Life arrive in Italy
The 270 calories per liter of Coca Cola Life arrive in Italy

Unmistakable Silohuette: this is Coca Cola. So how come it is green, green like meadows, green like vegetables? To respond to the growing demand of us consumers, we ask for drinks that are less and less sugary and low in calories.

Is called Coca Cola Life, wants to be low-calorie, natural, green, wants to please young families.

For a few hours it has been available on the shelves of Italian supermarkets in three formats: a 330 ml can or in a 500 ml and 1.75 liter bottle. Objective: to occupy the space between the classic version and the Zero.

A liter of Coca Cola Life brings 270kcalories against the 420kcal of traditional Coca Cola, the sugar content expressed in teaspoons speaks of 13 against 21.

The caloric cut, if we want to call it that, is due to the change of sweetener, no longer aspartame but extract of stevia leaves, a plant widespread in the mountains of Paraguay and Brazil. With a slight licorice aftertaste, it can sweeten up to 300 times more than normal white sugar.

Where does the need for the new drink, already launched in 2013 in Argentina and Chile, then introduced in many European countries come from?

From the turnover of the last few seasons, probably, with sales and revenues of the multinational in constant decline, and from the fact that in the United Kingdom, for example, 40% of the product sold is now low-calorie.

So in Atlanta they got it into their heads to make the revolution: away the sinful red and into the green environmentalist, out of the controversy aspartame and into the stevia, star of eco-sweeteners.

Bella is beautiful, even glam, but let's face it, Coca Cola Life's dietary aspirations are easily frustrated by the 13 teaspoons of sugar found in a quart of 270-calorie caramel liquid.

There is also the unknown flavor: how will a Coca Cola get along with the liquorice aftertaste typical of stevia? And will Life coexist with Coca Cola Light or will it end up incorporating it with overwhelming greed?

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