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Valentine's Day Dinner: 5 Mistakes We Make Often
Valentine's Day Dinner: 5 Mistakes We Make Often

Valentine's Day is like Sanremo: in words, they snub everything, but in the end many give up.

It goes without saying that the first and biggest mistake not to commit for the Valentine's dinner it would be to book at the restaurant, to avoid finding yourself in two confused tables of two, all struggling with saucers (that is, flans, risottini, fillets, heart cakes and various delicacies) and, in an inversely proportional manner, more than considerable accounts.

Homemade tête-à-tête is a much preferable option. Which you might even like, especially if you're part of one of those old couples who have lost their romance and intimacy along the way.

Doctor FRM, who specializes in couples' gastronomic therapy, is here to help you organize the dinner of the year. Without running into the pitfalls, always lurking, which would transform the evening from epic win into epic fail.

1. Don't believe in aphrodisiac cuisine


Some nutrients and certain categories of foods have a positive effect on the body and the psyche. Even when it comes to the sexual sphere.

The first group includes molluscs, rich in zinc ("petrol" for boys): especially oysters, which even Casanova is said to have eaten before his rendezvous.

Precious foods that stimulate vasodilation, increasing blood circulation, such as chilli or wine (but be careful: see point 4), also providing a pleasant sensation of warmth which, who knows, can make a blouse undo or raise the hem of a skirt ?

The properties of chocolate are known, which stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of good mood, and contains psychoactive substances (caffeine, theobromine) that increase concentration and energy.

Then there are foods that contain pheromones, plant hormones that can act as a sexual booster at a subliminal level. Like truffles (which, not surprisingly, attract sows, once very used in hunting), but also the humblest celery: always fishing in the world of "seems", it seems that the most libertine Romans were greedy for certain soups celery capable of unleashing instincts.

Speaking of suggestions, everything that is phallic (from asparagus to leeks) or recalls the female anatomy (again, seafood) has always been welcome on the tables of love.

And I conclude with the most concrete of aphrodisiacs: luxurious food. Whether they are the aforementioned oysters and truffles, or caviar and lobsters, the man who offers them to his woman appears immediately palatable - in every sense.

Because yes, we girls sometimes still get fooled by appearances - or, at least, by our throats.

2. Use everyday dishes in the kitchen

Table for Valentine's Day
Table for Valentine's Day

Setting up on the Formica table with plasticized placemats, slightly chipped multicolor shards and thick glass glasses is not exactly building the right atmosphere.

If you have a dining table, set that one, L-shaped. Otherwise, take a seat around the low coffee table in the living room, on the sofa cushions.

Choose a linen tablecloth or runner, good service dishes, silver cutlery, crystal goblets.

In short, the best of the best you have. And candlelight at will.

And background music with the television off - what's the game on Sunday evening?

3. Prepare a menu at the tip of a fork

shrimp and sauce
shrimp and sauce

As I see it, a romantic dinner in the privacy of your home does not mean staying all stiff and eating a chic menu.

Given that you have to cook only your favorite dishes (in the sense of favorites of both), favor delicious foods, even better if you eat them with your hands.

How sexy is it to shell and bite shrimp, dip things in sauces, pass this and that or, why not, both pluck from the same central dish?

Of course, a little reasoning must be made: if your god of love is pasta and beans, or onion soup, or bagna cauda … well, what am I going to tell you to do?

I just wish you love each other enough.

4. Drinking too much

Red wine
Red wine

A little alcohol uninhibits, too much extinguishes. And I certainly don't have to explain it to you. The solution is to choose an excellent bottle and uncork only that one.

By studying the combination with the menu, if you are capable of it, otherwise with the advice of a good winemaker. In indecision, Franciacorta or Champagne and play it safe.

In all cases, a prestigious label will fall within the "luxury" choices referred to in point 1 and with its precious content it will help to warm the atmosphere.

After all, if you have been good at organizing things, you may get up from the table long before it's finished.

5. Don't think about afterwards

bacon eggs
bacon eggs

No, I'm not talking about the immediate after-dinner, that is your business only. But the after-after, or waking up in the morning.

It would be sad to get up at the usual time, bundle up in the usual robe and scamper into the kitchen, put on the usual mocha, heat the usual milk, open the usual packet of biscuits.

To end the evening worthily (and start the week in a great way, since this year will be Monday) it is much better to think about a breakfast to be eaten together, in bed, on a nice filled and wobbly tray.

As long as it is your best breakfast: crêpes or pancakes, eggs with bacon or scones, butter and jam, freshly squeezed juices and the like. Accompanied by a kiss and a smile.

By the way, did I tell you to send the children to their grandparents? Because kids love jam pancakes!

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