Masterchef 5: Erica wins, if you believe Dagospia
Masterchef 5: Erica wins, if you believe Dagospia

The point is if you believe the shots of the never domo Dagospia? If you believe the inconsistent forecasts (as they do not prove) that the peasant's paradise entrusts to the pen of Lady Coratella (nick behind which, even the stones know by now, hides a blonde and flashy wine expert).

'Cause if you believe it, or pretend you prettily, then well, Masterchef 5 wins it Erika. Or rather Erica Liverani, 30, physiotherapist from Ravenna, Emma's mother, whose motto is: “always believe in it”.

Not happy, Lady Coratella goes further. What crystal ball would hers be if she could not predict the entire podium as well as the winner?

Here then is silver and bronze.

Second will be Alida, the indisposing Alida Gotta (at least this is what the protagonists of our Twitter commentary say), a 25-year-old unemployed from Turin who, very young, spent Sundays preparing lasagna, agnolotti and roasts for her family

Speaking of meat: the butcher Lorenzo, or Lorenzo De Guio, a willing chef from Veneto, will have to settle for third place even though the accent is hard to hear (coff, coff).

If the accounts are correct, Lucia, the full-bodied trade unionist from Brescia, should be eliminated Maradona, the northern Lebanese competitor who has lived in Italy for some years. This next Thursday.

Bring the company two days, if this were the case, a rehabilitation process could be triggered which in the event of an actual victory by Erica would lead to the triumphal rebirth, in front of the world, of all Dagospia and that Lady Coratella.

PS. Remember, in case you missed it, that according to Wikipedia the winner of MasterChef 5 will be Lorenzo, always the good-natured butcher. It goes without saying that a few seconds after writing it, the online encyclopedia hastened to obscure the news from its pages.

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