Vegan blitz in Cracco's restaurant (it's not Lercio)
Vegan blitz in Cracco's restaurant (it's not Lercio)

There are also those who have titled: "Assault on Cracco's restaurant: moments of terror for the chef of Masterchef", just so as not to emphasize.

In reality, a small group of about fifteen people, self-defined "vegans", all dressed in black, demonstrated in Milan in front of the restaurant from Carlo Cracco around 21.30 yesterday shouting: "This is a m … a restaurant, Cracco is a killer because he cooks animals".

The blitz lasted about a quarter of an hour, without any of the customers noticing anything. Only one of the "vegans" entered the restaurant with the excuse of booking a table, while the others remained outside.

The restaurant receptionist promptly asked for the intervention of 112, but when the agents arrived in via Victor Hugo, the demonstrators who had filled Cracco with epithets for 15 minutes had already dispersed along the side streets.

The personal fury of vegans against the popular Venetian chef began last week, with the criminal complaint by the animal rights association Aidaa. Reason: Cracco cooked the now infamous "Pigeon my way" during the episode of MasterChef last January 14th.

The action is intended as a retaliation for cooking the pigeon on TV.

To tone things down, trying to close a story that can become thorny, the chef preferred not to comment on what happened, simply saying:

We have no intention of taking into consideration what happened. Everyone can understand for themselves that it is a protest that leaves the time it finds. We just drop it.

Just as the complaint brought by Aidaa will probably be dropped: according to Italian legislation, farmed pigeons are edible and no crimes are committed when cooking them.

N. B. What happened is true, this is damaged humanity rather than a discovery by Lercio.

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