Burger King vs McDonald ’ s advertising: what's done is done again
Burger King vs McDonald ’ s advertising: what's done is done again

McDonald's enter a competition with Burger King to those who have it longer. Indeed long. The distance between the various stores, as you understand.

We are in France, a country fairly colonized by McDonald's with over 1000 fast food restaurants, the distribution of Burger King which stops at 20 restaurants is not as widespread.

To say, if you take the not very beaten road in the direction of Brioude, a charming town in the Haute-Loire, you can find a McDonald's nearby to appease the pangs of hunger (but bringing a sandwich from home is even better), Burger King is sooooo further away.

And how do the marketing brains at work for McDo represent this kilometer gap for you?

Like this:


An irreverent comparative advertisement released at the end of February where a couple on the road stop their car in front of the road signs for two restaurants.

Burger King is located 258 kilometers away and is difficult to reach, the McDrive is just a few minutes away by car.

Could Burger King ever tolerate such an affront, especially considering that it is run by an advertising agency known for its creativity and unconventional communication style?

No sir.

A few days pass and the effective response video appears, which basically adds the ending to the first.

The traveling couple stops at McDonald's for a coffee, which is useful for driving without problems to the Burger King store, where they can finally eat their favorite sandwich.

And, when framed in this perspective, all those kilometers don't seem so far away.

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