Vissani: avoid the embarrassment of having to listen to him about prostitution
Vissani: avoid the embarrassment of having to listen to him about prostitution

The cathode tube as a digestive canal. And while the food fattens the schedules, the indigestion of the kitchen on TV overflows from specialized programs: not just Barbieri's mappazzoni, Borghese purple potatoes, Parodi's fried Mars.

The contamination is complete, the cooks are everywhere, ready to persecute us with the opinions of neo-ideologues, unsolicited and on the most unexpected things.

You take Gianfranco Vissani, a boastful and lout Umbrian cook, unsurpassed talent in the kitchen never really tamed in his goofy veracity.

The controversy is bouncing on the web for what he said yesterday to Tagada, the afternoon session of La7 conducted by Tiziana Panella.

Called into question to express his opinion on the topic of the day, namely the child prostitution, in particular the story of the Roman baby ringers that held the news for months (you too, however, Tagadà editorial office, go and look for them) Vissani said that it would not be men, but girls who would encourage child prostitution that "with captivating attitudes, would encourage sexual relations".

The firm, decidedly pink yesterday, predictably turned against him.

But Vissani, who has the involuntary topical as his personal mantra, went further by adding:

“In Italy there are many minors who are stupid, really stupid. They do it with men, I know. And I'll say more: it depends on the family. The strain starts from there, I'm talking about Italian people “.

Response to the rhymes of the presenter: “Many underage girls lure men. You go there. This means that you are idiots “.

Now, not wanting to think that the only way left for Vissani to get talked about is to shoot her big anytime and anywhere (he had recently insulted journalists and foodbloggers), especially on television, one wonders: do we really need his illustrious opinion on a theme like this?

Why, instead of asking him for his opinions on prostitution, do we not listen to him on the perfect cooking of soft-boiled eggs, that damn it still remains a question with no real answers?

Wouldn't that be a way to avoid the embarrassment of having to listen to illustrious figures of pimp society such as these, and above all, to us viewers?

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