Carlo Cracco: I continue to cook the pigeon
Carlo Cracco: I continue to cook the pigeon

Closes Masterchef 5 and few agree with the final verdict: he won Erica Liverani, single mom and (ex) physiotherapist in her thirties.

Least of all Il Foglio, who wrote in a funny comment to read in one breath: The judges decided to do like Byron Moreno, who went against the natural order of things to bring Korea to glory at the 2002 World Cup. Here, Erica is like Korea. He won and no one knows why.

Yesterday morning the final press conference of Masterchef 5, and among audience records (with an average of 2 million and 250 thousand spectators per episode) and embarrassed answers on Sky's autospoilers, it is not known how authentic and how much built with the complacency of some site, Carlo Cracco is back to talk about his personal quarrels with animal rights activists And vegans.

Reported by an animal rights association for cooking a pigeon during an episode of Masterchef 5, the Venetian chef, after about fifteen people, self-defined "vegans", demonstrated in front of his restaurant in Milan, shouting "Cracco is a murderer because he cooks animals", replied with the usual look.

“I've been cooking pigeon for 25 years and I certainly won't stop doing it now because animal rights activists say so. Among other things, I'm also vegan: I don't touch animal food for three days a week. We are in a democracy, everyone does what they want in life, and I do what I want, after all, animals have been cooking for a few thousand years “.

But on the subject the most sarcastic joke came, as usual from Joe Bastianich acts as a support to the judge colleague focusing on the difference between wild and farmed pigeons:

“I notice a trend in contemporary cuisine, that of cooking animals at risk: between the seagulls defecating on Antonino Cannavacciuolo's boat and the squirrels in Bruno Barbieri's attic, exceptional dishes can come up”.

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