Milan: a restaurant for each metro stop
Milan: a restaurant for each metro stop

Il Milanese Imbruttito says that to invent the schemes of underground as we know them he was one Mr. Beck way back in 1931.

The obscure London Underground employee is unlikely to be an ancestor of Heinz Beck, 3 Michelin stars for the La Pergola restaurant in Rome, also because the chef was born in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Certainly, however, they would both be happy to see the ingenious adaptation of a Milanese metro scheme made by the Milano Città Stato site, which to adapt to the spirit of the time has coupled each station with a restaurant, creating a practical map of city catering based on subway stops.

Thus, in addition to avoiding getting lost between stations and underground paths, we can better orient our journeys towards restaurants.

There. Precisely. The restaurants.

Selection demonstrates good taste, check it out for yourself. There are: Aimo and Nadia / Primaticcio, Ceresio 7 / Monumentale, Cracco / Duomo, Ratanà / Isola, Bon Wei / Cenisio, Berton / Garibaldi, Chic N Quick / Romedio.

For once we do not make the criticoni grant us at least a note.

Nothing personal with Giulio Pane and Ojo, in the Muratori area, Roman cuisine in the Lombard capital, but in those parts there is Trippa, the neo-trattoria, and also Pastamadre, with free-range pasta and the bill at 25 euros, a miracle to Milan.

Are you all right?

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