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Milan delivery food: stress test of food at home
Milan delivery food: stress test of food at home

We are all supreme multitaskers: coffee and computer, smartphone post and radio on, telephone and stove.

Which makes us the ideal customers of the services they deliver food at home.

Delivery services that have intercepted the demand for take-out meals in an ever-expanding market and promise to deliver it in 60 minutes - better than 30 - without irreparably brutalizing it: online credit card payment or cash on delivery.

This is especially true for the Milanese, who is systematically overwhelmed by commitments: lunch in the office, meetings until the evening when he comes back too exhausted even for the Quattro Jumps in the pan.

And on Corriere Milano, the journalist and food writer Roberta Schira tested the different delivery services that operate in the Lombard capital: many, effective and quite expensive.

Let's find out how it went.

Pizza / Chopsticks: you can do better

Pizza is a valid test, the forerunner of any delivery food. You choose from Bacchetteforchette, home delivery service for Milan and its hinterland, as well as for Rimini. Promised delivery within the rectory hour.

The Corriere journalist chooses the pizzeria, 'A pazziella, which requires a code issued by Bacchetteforchette. Complicated procedure.

The post-order is not very good, since it is a forty-minute wait for pizza and the transport makes itself felt. Mozzarella collapsed towards the center, soggy cornice. Final result: quite "inedible".

Hamburger and Japanese / JustEat: pretty good

Corriere Milano's experiments arrive at JustEat, a Danish delivery food giant listed on the stock exchange with a turnover of € 40 million; on its side it has a high number of participating restaurants (the journalist has 227 within its range), of all kinds. Minimum order 20 euros, delivery from 2 to 7 euros which, however, can be free (for some) beyond a certain threshold.

After having come to terms with the electronic payment that makes the whims, here is the choice of the dish: sushi à la mode Milanese, Chinese, pizza or even burger? Go to american burger, chosen restaurant: Vintage Bakery, in the heart of the Isola district.

The first order has problems: although the food is still lukewarm, the sandwich is wrong and, in addition, the delivery is not on the floor due to incorrect data.

Meanwhile, unsatisfied, Roberta Schira sends another order, but relies on the refined Japanese restaurant Bon Wei (of which we have spoken extensively). High delivery costs: 7 euros for a minimum order of 20.

This time the experiment goes better: perfect packaging, food still hot, crispy rolls, delivered almost 15 minutes before time runs out. Is it enough for acquittal?

Sushi and sashimi / Foodora: passed with full marks

Stress test also for Foodora. This time, the protagonists are the Maxi Sushi and Sashimi of the restaurant This is not a sushi bar; complicated delivery due to a gloomy rainy evening (disclaimer: Foodora is a partner of Dissapore).

With professionalism, a text message informs you that one of the chosen dishes is not available and offers an alternative. Despite the deluge, the branded delivery boy arrives with his load of Japanese series. And it comes out well: sushi is very popular.

Things to keep in mind

food at home
food at home

For now, food delivery is not all the same, especially the foods chosen. There is more and less suitable for home delivery: meat can create problems, pizza remains difficult.

Chinese fries, if well packaged to perfection (Bon Wei teaches), can withstand the elements. Provided that the timetables are respected.

The Olympus of delivery is represented by sushi. That done well, though.

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