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Homemade vegetarian pizza with the 800 Simply Food recipe
Homemade vegetarian pizza with the 800 Simply Food recipe

Because sincere admirers like you of the Homemade Pizza, each in the prime of their intellectual faculties, should be interested in kombucha ?

And most of all, you ask, what the hell is this kombucha now?

it deals with Riccardo Antoniolo, champion of leavened products since 2008 at the helm of the restaurant Ottocento Simply Food from Bassano del Grappa, which is at the same time good food, highly digestible pizza with flours made from ancient grains and patisserie.

Well, of what for the sake of brevity we will only call pizza chef, we have already told you the articulated but highly satisfying recipe for making pizza at home.

kombocha 800
kombocha 800

I discovered kombucha by chance in his cave, a bit of a kitchen and a bit of a mad scientist's laboratory and, having no idea what it was, just like you, I timidly asked about the liquid with the bizarre name.

The Kombucha is part of a series of researches that the pizza chef is conducting on fermentation. It's a fermented green tea and white sugar with which, it is said, Inyko, the emperor of Japan, was healed by a Korean monk very expert in the fermentative arts (you can find everything on Wikipedia).

Am I saying all this because in the next few lines am I going to bore you with fermentation as the next trend in contemporary cuisine?

No, but you understand that the dividing line between chefs and rockstar pizza chefs continues to narrow, and that if their pizza costs a little more, it's not just for marketing reasons.

Having said that, I sat down at the 19th century Simply Food table, ordered Antoniolo's vegetarian pizza, I found it fantastic, even better than his margherita, and now I'll show you the doses, ingredients, procedure and step-by-step photos.

Let me know.

whole leavened 800
whole leavened 800


250 gr white spelled flour

250 gr spelled flour Whole spelled

1 gr fresh brewer's yeast

225 gr water


300 gr white spelled flour

100 gr spelled flour Whole spelled

100 gr Einkorn spelled flour

5 gr fresh brewer's yeast

325 gr of water

50 gr extra virgin olive oil

15 gr salt

yeast 800
yeast 800


This time it is easy, follow the same procedure for the dough with white wheat flour that we have already given, and from which 4 balls are obtained.

Let's reread it in Riccardo Antoniolo's explanation:

I propose to think of the dough as the must that must become wine and, therefore, distil the preparation of the pizza in a couple of days. It may seem like a pain in the ass but I assure you it's worth it

The first day, around 12, I mix the first part of the ingredients in a very large bowl, as if I were making a lightly kneaded and sandy shortcrust pastry, which would be lost for 10 minutes.

Then I put some film on it and place it in a cool area of the house with about 20 degrees.

At about 9/10 the next morning I take the bowl again, add the remaining ingredients, kneading them without haste for ten minutes. The dough will be sticky and you will want to add flour.


After 10 minutes, I turn it over from the bowl onto the counter and, with a lot of energy, knead faster with movements that stretch and fold over the dough.

In the end it will have to be a smooth and elastic dough.

I let it rest for at least 20 minutes, then I cut pieces of about 200 grams and form balls.

I put them in a rectangular-shaped plastic container, well spaced, and let them rise protected with a lid.

The goal is to make them double in volume, the time required depends on the ambient temperature (between 22 and 26 degrees is ideal) .

leavened 800
leavened 800


150 gr cooked and peeled potatoes

30 gr fresh basil leaves + about twenty leaves

150 gr of water

30 gr extra virgin olive oil

300 gr green beans

100 gr Taggiasce olives

30 gr toasted pine nuts

150 gr fresh goat cheese

200 gr datterini tomatoes


First, 30 grams of basil are blanched for a couple of minutes in boiling water, then drain and cool in water and ice.

The green beans are cooked for 7 minutes in the same water in which the basil was cooked.

Once the potatoes have cooled, they are blended together with the squeezed basil, 30 grams of extra virgin olive oil and 150 grams of water.

This kind of sauce is placed on the well-spread disc of pasta already cooked in the oven for 6 minutes at 270 degrees, covered with the datterini tomatoes cut in half, the goat cheese in small pieces, the basil leaves broken by hand, the toasted pine nuts.

To conclude: freshly ground pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

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