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The most and least expensive pizzas in Naples
The most and least expensive pizzas in Naples

Apparently simple but very difficult objective of the Pizza: never change.

Or rather, do not give in to modernity except to make consumption less demanding, with soft doughs and longer leavening. But always reconstructing the same flavor that made Italy a confessional republic founded on the cult of pizza in Naples.

Threatened by the gourmet pizza that makes the Neapolitans so indignant (naturally leavened pizza, with stone-ground flours, with a higher thickness and a different consistency, finally with the classic cut into wedges) widespread now in the middle north, it maintains its royalty: the art of Neapolitan pizza makers has just been nominated by Italy for UNESCO as a World Heritage Site).

Above all, it keeps prices affordable.

Judge for yourself by taking a look at the 20 most expensive pizzas in Italy, which start from 12 euros to get to 35 (!?), while in the Neapolitan area, truly a microcosm, we start from 3 euro and you get to a maximum of 18.

Not to mention that in some excellent pizzerias, including the historic one From Michele, for the most expensive pizza they spend the most 5 EUR.

But let's see the situation in detail.

UP TO € 10

Neapolitan pizza, cornice
Neapolitan pizza, cornice

From Attilio to Pignasecca: from 3 to 10 euros

Via Pignasecca, 17

Pizzaiolo by force, not yet ten years old was already putting his hands in the dough, Attilio Bachetti is the real protagonist of the small restaurant in the Pignasecca district.

Sommelier and fine connoisseur, helped by his sister Angela prepares pizzas renowned in the city for their lightness and pronounced, immediately recognizable cornice.

Go there, pay attention to us, and once there order the Carnival pizza, with the cornice stuffed with fiordilatte and sausage.

Carmnella: from 3 to 10 euros

Via Marino 22

Vincenzo surname ago Esposito. He is a son of art, raised in a pizzeria that has existed since the times of the Risorgimento: could he not be a pizza chef?

Among its credentials there are flours carefully selected in local mills, soft and light doughs, leavening of an unusual length for city habits (18 hours) and perfect cooking.

Do not miss the magical marinara, one of the best in Naples.

The President's Daughter: from 3 to 10 euros

Via del Grande Archivio 23

Maria is the daughter of Ernesto Cacialli, renamed "President" for having offered American President Bill Clinton, on a visit to Naples, the typical wallet pizza of his restaurant in via dei Tribunali.

Maria's restaurant / pizzeria is also located in the center, with a range of pizzas divided between classic and fried, the latter among the best in the city.

Swollen in the center, golden and dry, they should be tried in the version with pork cicoli, ricotta and provola.

Ciro in Santa Brigida: from 5 to 10 euros

Via Santa Brigida 71

Antonio Pace, president of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association (which reigns supreme over the discipline of true Naples pizza), together with his family, runs a pizzeria devoted to tradition, whose image is the Golden Pizza: buffalo mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, raw extra virgin olive oil.

In the stronghold of the classic one cannot miss the Pizza as it once was (aka la marinara). The only concession to modernity: anchovies.

Gorizia 1916: from 5 to 10 euros

Via Bernini 29/31

Pizzas in the best tradition of the city with light and fragrant doughs in a place that is also true Neapolitan cuisine.

You go there to take advantage of the string of baked trousers with infinite variations: the best? The calzone with aubergines and mushrooms.

Palazzo Petrucci Pizzeria: from 8 to 10 euros

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 5

Palazzo Petrucci is no longer just a restaurant. For a couple of years, a pleasant pizzeria has always opened in the heart of the Neapolitan historic center.

You have to go there to try Palazzo Petrucci a sumptuous pizza, evident collaboration between the pizza chef Michele Leo and Lino Scarallo, chef of the restaurant, where the Neapolitan ragù takes the place of the tomato.

European by Mattozzi: from 5 to 10 euros

Via Campodisola 4

Another bulwark of Neapolitan pizza near the port, where so much history has passed, continued today by Alfonso Mattozzi and his daughter Fabiana.

A pizza restaurant serving smaller sized pizzas than city standards. The Baked stuffing with friarelli and provola is not to be missed.

UP TO € 11


Mother yeast to the sea: from 6 to 11 euros

Via Partenope 1

If we have not counted badly, the pizzas attributable to the golden boy of the Neapolitan pizza Gino Sorbillo are 7. For the moment. Different in offer compared to the headquarters in Via dei Tribunali (7 is the magic number, of pizzas as well as desserts), this one also stands out for its naturally leavened dough.

A successful format exported to Milan with Lievito Madre al Duomo.

Starita: from 3.50 to 11 euros

Via Materdei 27

Famous for the scene of L'oro di Napoli, a film shot in 1954 by Vittorio De Sica, with Sofia Loren who sold the pizzas "today at eight", to be eaten immediately and paid for eight days later, it is a Neapolitan institution from which you have to go out without having tried the Montanara (fried pizza covered with tomato and melted provolone with a quick passage in the oven).

Constant crowd (by "crowd" the Neapolitans mean the queue) and a new generation of Starita (Giuseppe), who have already taken over.

UP TO 12 €

Pizza margherita
Pizza margherita

Excellences of Campania, Guglielmo Vuolo: from 4 to 12 euros

Via Brin 69

Declared attraction of Excellence Campane, a kind of Eataly for regional specialties only, opened in 2014, the pizzeria of veteran Guglielmo Vuolo should be tried in particular for a masterpiece pizza: Assoluto di Marinara with 4 different tomatoes: San Marzano, fresh Piennolo tomato, puree and classic tomato.

Since September 2015, Vuolo's pizzas can also be found on the Neapolitan seafront with Excellences Campane Mare.

Oliva - from Concettina to the Three Saints: from 4 to 12 euros

Via Arena della Sanità 7bis

The district is La Sanità, that of Totò to be understood, popular, picturesque, often uninviting. But Concettina ai Tre Santi must be tried to get to know the cheeky talent of Ciro Oliva, a champion guaglione who folds leavened products and Neapolitan street food to his will (with ample room for improvement, after all he was born in 1992).

Make a note of macaroni omelettes and omelettes, the Margheritissima (margherita with double mozzarella) and above all the San Gennaro Foundation with the stuffed cornice and the crumbs of Neapolitan taralli.

UP TO € 14

Pizza margherita
Pizza margherita

The news: from 5 to 14 euros

Via da Caravaggio 94a

For us, admired fans of Enzo Coccia since 2010, it is a real pleasure to tell you about the surprising lightness of its doughs and the absolute quality of the condiments, a roundup of the best of Campania at the table (cherry tomatoes from Vesuvian Piennolo, podolic caciocavallo, white figs from Cilento, Amalfi lemon).

Knowing his chickens, Coccia has planned a tasting itinerary with a smaller version of the classic pizzas.

Pizzagourmet: from 5 to 14 euros

Via Michelangelo 77/83

Giuseppe Vesi brings to Naples the ethical, qualitative and saving advantages of the zero kilometer: in his pizzeria everything is organic, the flours are stone ground, the leavening lasts 48 hours.

If the softness of the dough is still to be recorded, Pizzagourmet, thanks to the wonderful oven, is a kind of cooking university.

Alongside the classic pizzas (above all the Menaica Gourmet with provolone, yellow tomatoes from Vesuvius and anchovies from Menaica fished in the Cilento sea) unusual proposals but to try, see the Jamon de Bosses pizza with the typical spicy raw ham from Valle d'Aosta. Coffee for connoisseurs, French wines and craft beers complete the profile of the place, definitely not the usual Neapolitan pizzeria.

Slices of the author: from 7 to 14 euros

Via Doria 81

The young man has a good courage Domenico Esposito in proposing in Naples the pizza cut into wedges, a symbol of gourmet pizza which, starting from the Veronese area, is infecting a large part of the North.

But in the Neapolitan sense, pizza slices are made with oil from the Cilento hills, San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella DOP or fiordilatte di Agerola and anchovies from Cetara.

Try the fried by Gerardo Modugno, first of all the tart of tagliolini alla finanziera.


pizza with fresh tomato
pizza with fresh tomato

Trattoria Fresco: from 5 to 18 euros

Via Partenope 8

In Naples, Alfredo Forgione is known as the pizza chef with a tie, a sort of institution for the 40 years spent by Ciro in Mergellina.

Now it is the effigy of the Trattoria Fresco, in a beautiful position between Castel dell'Ovo and the Posillipo hill, but with a second location in Vomero where the pizza is tasted in a reduced version (trio with Margherita, Ripieno and Pasqualina, i.e. sausage and friarelli), normal or maxi for pizza gladiators or groups of friends.

Do not miss the classic filling, mozzarella, tomato, ricotta, salami and pepper.



As mentioned, to make the pilgrimage of the Neapolitan pizza lover even more magical, there are the cheaper pizzas than Naples, where there is no Unesco nomination that holds, for the best of pizzas it is not possible to exceed 5 euros. Among these we point out:

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