What Easter would be without Nutella Negroni
What Easter would be without Nutella Negroni

Negroni: perfection done cocktail. Yes, okay, but just when you thought that the cocktail invented by Count Camillo Negroni in 1920 at Caffé Casoni in Florence could not be improved, someone, in particular Richard Woods, barman (or mixologist, according to the hipster vulgate) of the Duck & Waffle of London involved the Nutella inventing the perfect Easter cocktail: Nutella Negroni.

Getting to the final result, a cocktail smooth as silk, indeed, like the original Negroni, with the botanical herbs of the gin enhanced by Campari, all sweetened by an elaborate infusion of Nutella, was not easy.

The first experiments under the banner of classic gin and Nutella weren't that great: the first was too watery to bind with the thick and lipid spreadable cream. The result? A loose, cloudy, uninviting cocktail.

The solution went through an experiment. The barman decided to flavoring the gin with Nutella through an alembic that he regularly uses at home for his rehearsals.

This is the preparation of the cocktail: the Nutella flavored gin is stirred in the mixer with equal parts of Campari and sweet vermouth, and the cocktail is served over some ice cubes.

But the real coup de theater is the serving glass: a classic jar of Nutella with a lot of label. Eureka (meanwhile the cocktail fever served in the Nutella jar with your name hit Twitter users).

It says: okay, nice, but if I'm not in London how can I sip a Nutella Negroni before Easter?

Don't despair.

nutella negroni
nutella negroni

Flavoring gin with Nutella is a complicated (and perhaps not entirely legal) operation, but Woods suggests a homemade adaptation:

Just mix equal parts of Campari, sweet vermouth and Bombay Sapphire gin, not too dry. Then add a few drops of chocolate flavored bitters (you can find it here, for example). How much it is? It depends on your degree of addiction to chocolate.

And happy Easter, of course.

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