Nazivegani: Are vegans all extremists and violent?
Nazivegani: Are vegans all extremists and violent?

There is a junk radio made up of verbal fights and insults, of pissing on your head. A radio that disturbs, causes anxiety, is unsightly. You recognized in the short description the radio that makes Giuseppe Cruciani? You are not alone.

But this has to do with the presidium under the headquarters of Radio 24 of the group of vegan animal rights activists who felt targeted during his broadcasts? What does it have to do with the obvious intention of hitting the conductor of La Zanzara, forced to flee after presenting himself with a salami in hand?

And what do the threats and insults aimed at the writer have to do with it? Camillo Langone on his Facebook profile for opposing Giulia Innocenzi's vegetarian views in the show Out of Wave, broadcast by La 7 on Easter evening? (The most viewed episode of the season with 834,000 viewers, 3, 94% share).

Or to go back to a few days ago, what does the picket of malicious pseudo-animal rights activists who shouted outside the Milanese club of Carlo Cracco Is this a shit restaurant or is Cracco a killer because he cooks animals, after the chef had prepared a pigeon-based dish at Masterchef?

And what do they think of these Nazivegani people Umberto Veronesi, Jovanotti, the rugby player Mirko Bergamasco, Serena Williams, Paul McCartney or Prince, all vegetarians or convinced vegans?

What do they think of those who, even in the name and on behalf of their own cause, practice vulgar extremism and threaten physical violence?

The vegan choice is one thing, it is quite another, albeit provoked by a braggart, to brandish it as a weapon and expect the whole world to share it. Or that he understands, especially in these times, another fanaticism.

The suggestion to eat real food, not too much, mostly vegetable (à la Michael Pollan) is full of common sense and put into practice even by assiduous carnaioli like us at Dissapore.

The 4.5 million Italians who no longer eat meat out of respect for animals or for health reasons, who frequent vegan nights or vegetarian restaurants, if they have to proselytize, use these arguments to convince the many people in the world, that vegetarians and vegans are not.

Fortunately, becoming one is still a choice, respectable, but always a choice. There is no aggression, this so bestial, that can make it mandatory.

What do vegetarians and vegans who are full of good intentions think and who do not make their choice a reason for contempt towards others? Do they feel represented by these warlike animal rights activists as beasts?

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