Carlo Cracco is not a murderer because he cooked a pigeon on TV
Carlo Cracco is not a murderer because he cooked a pigeon on TV

He had been denounced by an animal rights association for cooking a pigeon during an episode of Masterchef 5.

«Nobody argues that Carlo Cracco be a great chef,”he said Lorenzo Croce, president of Aidaa, "But the fact that he goes on TV to present a dish based on pigeon meat, which is an animal protected by national and European law, represents a criminal offense, which we could not pretend not to see".

The Venetian chef, after about fifteen people, self-defined "vegans", had demonstrated in front of his restaurant in Milan, shouting "Cracco is a murderer because he cooks animals", was not impressed:

«I've been cooking pigeon for 25 years, I won't stop doing it now because the animal rights activists say so. Among other things, I'm also vegan: I don't touch animal food for three days a week. We are in a democracy, everyone does what they want in life, me too, after all, animals have been cooking for a few thousand years ».

Today the Corriere reports that, as expected, the complaint seems destined to be shelved, the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office has in fact asked for the proceedings to be closed.

The reason is the following: the animal rights activists had denounced Cracco for instigation to commit a crime, in practice the exhibition at Masterchef could have pushed "other citizens to commit such crimes in violation of European and national regulations on wildlife".

Here, in fact, Italian and European law protects the wild pigeon, not the farm pigeon, which can be cooked safely.

"Let's just drop it," said Cracco. The Milan prosecutor agrees.

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