Are you overweight? E ’ the fault of the taste buds
Are you overweight? E ’ the fault of the taste buds

Until now we knew about Beth Anderson, the Englishman who works as a taster for a food company by virtue of a language with twice taste buds average, insured for a million pounds.

It is unlikely that Beth Anderson will gain weight, according to a study by the University of Milan which has identified a cause and effect relationship between the number of taste buds and the problems of overweight.

In other words, more taste buds we have the less we gain.

Currently in Italy 25% of the adult population is overweight, 9% in conditions of obesity of various degrees.

The discovery of the Sensory Analysis Laboratory of the Milanese university is very important for the treatment of food pathologies, from cardiovascular diseases to diabetes and excess cholesterol.

According to the study, the perception of the four main tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, sour) would be different between people with weight within the limits and overweight people, with a greater sensitivity to the fatty taste, as it was baptized by the researchers.

Fundamental to the discovery was the analysis of the tip of the tongue, rich in nerve receptors, highlighted thanks to a food dye. In this way it was possible to verify the quantity of the papillae and the type.

100 volunteers involved in the experiment: the results were analyzed through the administration of different substances, each characterized by a different taste.

From this preliminary study, it was possible to highlight how people in a condition of obesity showed less taste sensitivity than people with weight within limits.

This would lead them to search for foods with a much higher calorie density and, therefore, to overeating.

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