Can food that has fallen to the ground be eaten after 3 seconds?
Can food that has fallen to the ground be eaten after 3 seconds?

Many know the 10 second rule (for some of the 5, for others of the 3). If you pick up a food that has fallen to the ground within 10 seconds, you can still put it in your mouth, otherwise it has to be thrown away.

But science intervenes once again to beat the anti-waste brigade: new research reported by the Telegraph explains that the practice is not as hygienic as we think and indeed, the popular rule is just a false myth.

Apparently, whether it's 3, 5 or 10 seconds, bacteria like E. Coli or those responsible for Salmonella, if present, attack food instantly.

The point is that any food that falls on the ground still comes into contact with bacteria; even if for a few seconds or on a surface deemed clean. And yet, a hard candy is subject to less contamination than a slice of cheese.

That said, the health hazard depends on the more or less high presence and type of bacteria themselves, which multiply rapidly anyway: in a few hours, from a microscopic handful they can become millions.

Science is ruthless, and it leaves us two options: one, is to drop less food on the ground; the other is to better clean our homes.

Finally, if you want to avoid surprises, it is good to keep in mind the usefulness of vaccines.

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