Milan: Naturà is the first vegan kindergarten in Italy
Milan: Naturà is the first vegan kindergarten in Italy

Say if you too would not think of a new super cool organic franchise, reading that it has opened in Milan Nature.

Like us you are out of the way, Naturà is not a shop but the first vegan kindergarten of Italy.

Parents interested in submitting their children to the vegan diet, which excludes meat, cheese, eggs, milk and honey, and is based instead on the prevalent consumption of cereals, vegetables, legumes and soy, have 5 places available.

Naturà's diet goes further: organic and zero kilometer guarantees are ensured, while environmental issues are included in the training offer.

The project belongs to Federica Ferrobianchi, a graduate in Educational Science and the daughter of parents involved in social work. The kindergarten, already open to the public for a few months, is located in the Città Studi area.

The advent of the first vegan kindergarten seems to be the natural consequence of the creation of special menus in public schools.

But according to some neuropsychiatrists, the introduction of vegan menus (and therefore, the creation of ad hoc structures) could trigger an anorexia risk.

Diversifying the foods consumed by children is considered the most desirable choice.

The training offer is also oriented in this sense because environmental issues are proposed.

There was no shortage of criticisms, such as those of some neuropsychiatrists who denounced a risk of anorexia.

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