Will you say goodbye to the cup for Go Cubes, the chewable coffee?
Will you say goodbye to the cup for Go Cubes, the chewable coffee?

A coffee it would be fine, but you are late and the subway will be running in a few minutes. Too late to even stop at the bar, you don't have time. Or: you think you drink too much coffee, the fact of not knowing how much caffeine you consume in a day worries you.

Someone has found the remedy for both chronic latecomers and caffeine addicts, it's called chewable coffee.

From San Francisco with fury, the Nootrobox team came up with Go Cubes, chewable coffee in cubes that aims to change the world (otherwise a startup would not have thought of it).

Anti-stress gummy candies that caffein addicts can chew instead of drinking an espresso in the traditional cup, also good for those who are simply in a hurry.

The cubes, according to those who invented them, and managed to finance their production thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, contain the same substances present in coffee as we know it (caffeine, theanine, anti-oxidant also contained in tea, vitamins B6 and B12), but to an extent consistent with the quantity to be taken daily.

Two cubes contain 100 milligrams of caffeine, the equivalent of a cup of coffee, Go cubes is available in 3 flavors: Pure Drip, Mocha and Latte.

Chewable coffee has sold out on Amazon Lunchpad after three days since it launched, with 20 packs of 4 cubes each selling for $ 59.

Nootrobox co-founder, Micheal Brandt, flies high: his stated goal is to transform Go Cubes into the Coca Cola of coffee.

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