Cruciani meets the Nazivegano: like the dumbest fool
Cruciani meets the Nazivegano: like the dumbest fool

And finally Cruciani met the nazivegano. This time, however, the stinging journalist de The mosquito he doesn't run away with the salami between his legs, there is no need.

To make the two titans of sympathy collide are those of Hyenas with the double interview format. Thus they manage to present two points of view that, live, would fight like pigs in the mud. So what ?, you say. So who wins the comparison between food choices?

Watch the video and tell me who wins.

Animal fundamentalism or pseudo-humanistic fundamentalism?

Who of the vegetarians or vegans with wisdom can be said to be represented by this character, Valerio Vassallo of the Ethical Movement for the Protection of Animals and the Environment (?), One who would not have his mother treated with a drug tested on animals?

Which carnivore, on the other hand, in the name of unsolicited provocation can you really recognize in someone like Cruciani that "live lobsters in boiling water are a wonderful thing"?

[If you really don't want to click on the video link, here are a few maxims that you decide to miss:

Nazivegano: "What was done at the time of Auschwitz we are now doing to animals".

Nazivegano: "Farms must be abolished".

Nazivegano: "My goal is to harm companies that exploit animals for profit".

Nazivegano: “If I see a person with a fur in the middle of the street, I am pleased to damage the fur”.

Cruciani: “How is a lamb slaughtered? You take that little head, point a gun and shoot, then cut your neck .

Nazivegano: “Do I see a person eating a sandwich? If I can, I'll spit inside .

Nazivegano: "A corpse-eater (a carnivore) eats 10 animals a year, at this point it is better for him to die even if he is a person, at least we can save 100 animals]

I am a democratic carnivore, one of those who do not wear salami scarves and do not enjoy the idea of intensive farming, but do not hold back when faced with steak and, above all, without a rare fillet I would die.

In short, to put it in the news of these days, I am not from the ranks of the Nazivegans, indeed I have no particular esteem, but not even from the category of the Crucians, if a category of such irritating importance could really exist.

Is it possible that only I am unable to grasp Cruciani's provocations?

Waving a salami under the eyes of Taliban-vegan animal rights activists is only a means of being able to talk about people with an extremist and undemocratic dietary style.

No one, at the moment, has slapped me in any restaurant while I was chewing lamb chops.

Where are the Nazivegans normally? Are we sure they are among us? Are we sure that those who put man and animal on the same level deserve space on TV?

And we are sure that Cruciani has not already shot them all in recent years and now you are just looking for a stage where, as a bad boy, you can shoot the bad words that should not be said live, ouch ouch ouch.

My current state, slightly fluctuating towards food of animal origin, involves a mix of guilt at alternating plates, unresolved issues such as those about dairy products (why not dairy products, why?), Grilling with skewers and trips to the butcher that the cows "keep them as children".

It's not that in life there are only black and white, tofu or frankfurters, fruitarians or porchettari.

Someone pointed out to me that I should choose which side to be on: to understand if I am more sorry to think about goiter's goiter or to give up the foie gras that looks at me winking from the plate.

No, dear my only-meat or no-meat moralizers: I stay in the middle. Nobody wins, least of all me. Certainly does not win Cruciani or the Nazivegano. The lamb does not win. The tofu producer doesn't win.

Only the one who is sure to do the right thing, the one with a capital G, wins. And I still haven't figured out what the right thing is. I'm working on it.

Meanwhile, La Zanzara still makes me laugh at times, but even veg crazies don't mess around.

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