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Artisan ice cream: the most anticipated openings of 2016
Artisan ice cream: the most anticipated openings of 2016

Homemade ice cream: where did we stay?

On our behalf to the kingdom of ice cream, that is the ranking of the 100 best Italian ice cream shops of 2015. With relative delivery to ice cream makers with the ice attributes of Dissapore Gelato Awards at Sigep 2016, the Rimini International Gelato and Pastry Show.

Archived last season, with spring starting to warm up the days, it is time to witness the ferment that stirs both the Seleção di Dissapore and the other mastri-stracciatella.

A collection of new openings in all areas of Italy that intrigues us a lot: will it be the same for you too?

We believe so, and to the cry of all the roads they lead to good artisan ice cream, we list the most interesting

Natural Ice Cream Scaldaferro - Dolo (VE)

hazelnut ice cream
hazelnut ice cream

We have never made any secret of the fact that, having to focus on artisanal nougat, we focus on Scaldaferro. Or on the almond, the typical Venetian almond nougat that the Dolo craftsman offers in flakes (not in the classic sticks), and interprets with class in versions enriched with dried fruit and honey of incomparable goodness.

After the buriana (in the true sense of the word: last July a hurricane almost gutted the headquarters), Pietro Scaldaferro left with the entrepreneurial spirit of all time, transforming the former Posta restaurant adjacent to the Dolo plant, into a hotel, restaurant and hear hear artisan ice cream parlor.

After all, it was time for the magical nougat, transformed into ice cream by other high-level shops around Italy, to have its best showcase a stone's throw from the Scaldaferro home.

Tasta Gelato - Bologna & Milan

feel ice cream shops
feel ice cream shops

A mini-chain of Sicilian ice cream shops that attempts the big leap by landing on the continent. From the lands of Montalbano (Ragusa / Modica) the Sicilian ice cream modernized in May arrives in Bologna, and in June in Milan, with the ambitious opening in Corso Garibaldi, near Largo La Foppa.

Then there is, at the same time, the American adventure with baptism of fire in Miami.

On the granite shields (already seen at Expo 2015), obviously ice cream, decomposed cannoli, Modica chocolate (Cimod and Antica Dolceria Bonajuto), Sicilian cassata, semifreddo and ice cream cakes.

Will Tasta (taste in Sicilian) be able to conquer the rest of the world?

Pavè Ice Cream and Granite - Milan

pave ice creams and slushes
pave ice creams and slushes

Opening with a high hipster quotient, expected practically by the hour in Milan in the Court area (it starts on April 1st with free ice cream for everyone).

From the same creators of Pavè, the living room with pastry shop, which changed the Milanese breakfast thanks above all to the brioches, in particular the 160 (160 grams of apricots for every 100 grams of jam that fills the brioche).

From leavened products to ice cream and slushes, the step is short. Especially if the ice cream manager of De 'Coltelli (shop in first place in the 2015 Dissapore ranking) arrives directly from Pisa to make ice creams, with a great hit of ice cream market, with a load of new flavors: pineapple, rocket, tarte tatin, sbrisolona (yes, like the cake).

In case the ice cream goes unnoticed, a hypothesis that we do not even want to take into consideration, we are already focusing on the design of the cups, pussies like few others.

Mauro's art - Mirano (VE)

mauro civellaro ice cream maker
mauro civellaro ice cream maker

Okay, the scale of perceived fighettism goes down a lot, but Mauro Crivellaro is a thoroughbred Venetian ice cream maker (also 53rd in the Dissapore 2015 ranking), awarded in dozens of competitions, who lost a lap due to personal events. But now he is ready to go again.

The many fans who have been patient so far will find their favorite ice cream again at the end of May, thanks to the eagerly awaited opening of L’arte di Mauro (nomen omen).

Today. Ice cream - Bologna

today ice cream bologna
today ice cream bologna

Vertical stick machines with a retro air, checkered flannel shirts, plastic Vespa waiting for a new home delivery parked outside the shop.

There is no doubt that the guys from O.g.g.i. belong to the nouvelle vague of Italian artisan ice cream.

Starting from Udine with subsequent opening in Varese, now they point the bar on Bologna where they inaugurate on April 2 in the central via Ugo Bassi.

As usual, the specialty is whole dried fruit, toasted and refined on its own and then creamed. The novelty of the Bolognese opening are cakes and parfaits to take home.

Greed, greedy for ice cream - Frascati

dario rosi greed
dario rosi greed

There is also the new ice cream shop by Dario Rossi, a restless but very talented ice cream maker (20th in the Dissapore 2015 ranking), one of the most anticipated openings of the year.

After Rome and Labico, it moves to the historic center of Frascati with a completely new ice cream shop under the banner of organic, Rossi's authentic obsession, complete with certification.

Among the new tastes of decidedly local inspiration, some are made with Frascati wine, such as the passito cream of Castelli Romani called Villa Aldobrandini.

Cappadonia ice cream parlor - Palermo

antonio cappadonia granite
antonio cappadonia granite

During the most recent edition of Identità Golose, many wondered where the ice cream parlor of Antonio Cappadonia was, star performer in the ice cream section of the Milanese haute cuisine congress.

Former director of the Sherbeth Festival, a well-known international artisan ice cream festival, Cappadonia took a sabbatical year (perhaps more than one) after the experience of Cerda, the small Madonie town where he was born.

In June, however, I will be ready to take over the scene directly in Palermo, with two new shops, one for ice cream, the other specializing in the art of Sicilian granita.

We already taste the classics of the island ice cream maker, from the Cerda artichoke to the granita with lemon or mandarin of unreal goodness.

Harmony and Poetry - Civitavecchia

ermanno di pomponio ice cream civitavecchia
ermanno di pomponio ice cream civitavecchia

The return of the guru. Ermanno Di Pomponio, the man who divides the crowds of artisanal ice cream with his absolute truths (and with certain prices, my lady) is finally opening a new ice cream shop. And the name already causes discussion.

Best artisan ice cream maker in the 2013 Dissapore ranking, he left Neve di Latte, a beloved Roman ice cream parlor, to pick up where he started, in Civitavecchia (but there is already talk of a triumphal return to Rome).

Among the classics ready to illuminate the guru's counter is the coffee flavor of the great artisan Gianni Frasi (today the blend is Indo Komet), chocolates (which today are Valrhona), creams with biodynamic milk from Bavaria.

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