The most expensive whiskey in the world is worth $ 17,000
The most expensive whiskey in the world is worth $ 17,000

How much is the bottle of whiskey aged over 100 years worth, which will be auctioned on April 6 in Dublin?

$ 17,000, or 15,000 euros, is the answer.

The bottle in question is of Irish manufacture, bottled in 1916 and one of the oldest of its kind.

It was found by a true hunter of rare bottles, Willie Murphy, who is now the co-owner of the bottle. He claims that there are other bottles out there, real gold mines, just waiting to be found.

Whiskey, already at the origin, presents its curiosity: it was bottled by a distillery in Galway, called Nuns Island, for a certain Captain RE Palmer; the whiskey itself was produced by the Allman Bandon Distillery in West Cork.

Of both, by now, there is no more news, while the bottle has reached us.

whiskey aged 100 years
whiskey aged 100 years

As mentioned in the listing of the Adams auction house, the bottle was also involved in the political events of the country: the owner of the Allman distillery was a member of parliament - the liberal wing -, involved in the Irish struggle for independence.

Established in 1886, the distillery survived the potato famine and enjoyed great popularity in Scotland. It was the first distillery to import premium aged sherry casks from Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain, a practice quite common today.

The distillery, however, could not bear the economic repercussions of the First World War: Allman's last shares were sold in 1939.

In short, loving whiskey is just one of the reasons to buy this bottle: behind it there is a real piece of history.

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