The globalized Nutella is worth 10 billion euros
The globalized Nutella is worth 10 billion euros

With revenues for 10 billion euros, so much is it worth the Nutella globalized (around 250,000 tons are sold every year in 75 different countries) Ferrero overtakes Nestle and becomes the third largest chocolate multinational in the world.

With a single family shareholder although without a single country.

Today, the map of the OECD (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) with the countries involved in the production of the famous spread is still surprising:

hazelnuts from Turkey, palm oil from Malaysia, cocoa from Nigeria, sugar from Brazil and Europe, vanillin from a French factory in China.

nutella ocse map
nutella ocse map

The podium of the chocolate kings conquered with an empire of 78 subsidiaries, 22 production plants and 33 thousand employees around the world, despite stable sales in the Peninsula compared to the last decade (1.4 billion euros), tells of a size more than doubled abroad, for a total of 5.3 billion euros in revenues alone.

There are 160 countries where Ferrero products have established themselves hand in hand with local products: Nutella, Kinder and Ferrero Rocher are now sold alongside M & M’s from Mars, Toblerone and Milka from Mondelez.

The group, however, does not exclude and indeed hopes to open up to new markets: exceptional results, according to Giovanni Ferrero, in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Canada.

The Italian exception, where revenues have not grown for years, necessitated an organizational reorganization: from 1 May 2018, Ferrero SpA will be based in Luxembourg, and will become a holding company with four subsidiaries for each business branch. A decision made to improve operational efficiency, as well as have a greater impact on employment.

One last fact: in case the (lucky) Ferrero family wants to finance new acquisitions after those of the Turkish Oltan, which allowed the multinational to strengthen its position on the hazelnut market, and the English Thorntons, leader in Great Britain in the production and marketing of chocolate, can count on profits of 889 million gross in 2015.

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