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Homemade pizza with the Ottocento Simply Food method
Homemade pizza with the Ottocento Simply Food method

You. Meanwhile. Read on. After, if the dough for making pizza at home from Riccardo Antoniolo, champion of leavened products since 2008 at the helm of Ottocento Simply Food from Bassano del Grappa, you have not understood much I promise to start all over again, word of a cub.

"24 hours of refreshment of the sourdough in three phases and with three different doughs, chariot, two divisions of the finished dough, 4-hour maturation curve in the cell, passing from 16 to 26 and then to 20 degrees".

Okay, I'll start over.

Coeval of Simone Padoan of the pizzeria I Tigli in San Bonifacio, near Verona, in the sense that he started making gourmet pizza (naturally leavened pizza, with stone-ground flours, with a higher thickness and a different consistency, finally with the classic cut into wedges) in the same period as its inventor, Riccardo Antoniolo has the stubbornness of unique pieces, and the courage to open seven years ago a large restaurant perched on the hills of Bassano, which is at the same time:

- Good cooking

- Highly digestible pizza, with flours obtained from ancient grains and long leavening e

- Author's patisserie.

Add the spirit of the Bernochocolate leavener, half a researcher and half a manager, and the profile of the neighbor rockstar pizza chef It is complete.

mother yeast restaurant 800
mother yeast restaurant 800

We said: the dough for making pizza at home like that of Riccardo Antoniolo.

Better to start from the end, or rather from the end, intended as an objective: “I want to photograph a dough that has reached the limit and placed in the oven, without any manipulation“.

pizza restaurant 800
pizza restaurant 800

Basically, the leavened product is not stretched, but only flattened with the fingertips, in two or three phases, with the help of a lot of flour, and then placed in round iron pans greased with oil and left to rest in the cell before cooking.

Handling reduced to a minimum means that all the strength of the dough is the prerogative of the only chemical process of protein denaturation of the gluten. Do not worry, we are saying that the digestibility it will be amazing.

Like that of the pizza that I had the pleasure of trying at the Nineteenth Century Simply Food, which had the flavor of bread, a crunchy base and a spongy texture.

It is not a pizza, Riccardo is right, plus an interpretation of it that makes the leavened product different and extremely interesting.

anchovies restaurant 800
anchovies restaurant 800

I asked him for a recipe to replicate the same magic at home, as much as possible, let's say. He gave me one that has the remarkable advantage of being simple. Go around it right away.



stone ground wheat flour type 1 500 gr + 500 gr

fresh brewer's yeast 1 gr + 5 gr

water 225 gr + 375 gr

extra virgin olive oil 50 gr

salt 15 gr

Explanation by Riccardo Antoniolo:

"I propose to think of the dough as the must that must become wine and, therefore, distil the preparation of the pizza in a couple of days. It may seem like a pain in the ass but I assure you it's worth it

The first day, around 12, I mix the first part of the ingredients in a very large bowl, as if I were making a lightly kneaded and sandy shortcrust pastry, which would be lost for 10 minutes.

Then I put some film on it and place it in a cool area of the house with about 20 degrees.

At about 9/10 the next morning I take the bowl again, add the remaining ingredients, kneading them without haste for ten minutes. The dough will be sticky and you will want to add flour.


After 10 minutes, I turn it over from the bowl onto the counter and, with a lot of energy, knead faster with movements that stretch and fold over the dough.

In the end it will have to be a smooth and elastic dough.

I let it rest for at least 20 minutes, then I cut pieces of about 200 grams and form balls.

I put them in a rectangular-shaped plastic container, well spaced, and let them rise protected with a lid.

The goal is to make them double in volume, the time required depends on the ambient temperature (between 22 and 26 degrees is ideal) ".

pizza stretched restaurant 800
pizza stretched restaurant 800


To make a leavened product like the ones that Riccardo Antoniolo serves in his restaurant, the "naked" pizza must be cooked in the oven at 270 degrees for 20 5/7 minutes and then, raw, add a good seasoned tomato sauce, tall slices of fiordilatte no more than one cm, and extra virgin olive oil

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