Porcate guilty pleasure that chefs like
Porcate guilty pleasure that chefs like

Sara Porro, former writer of Dissapore and now an established food writer, used to anticipate the caloric confessions contained in the series Comprato einato (Bought and eaten) (junk food and unspeakable pleasures, mostly) with these words:

Gourmets are divided into 2 categories: those who eat Marchesi's Risotto with Gold Leaf and those who read reports of those who have eaten Marchesi's Risotto with Gold Leaf and gorged on junk food on the sofa.

I belong to the second. But just as “people of taste know how to dress well even when buying at the market” - © Giorgio Armani - supermarket shelves are filled with underrated delights, authentic in their food sophistication. “Bought and Eaten” will try to prove that they are Too Good to Be Fake.

Here are some of the protagonists of Bought and Eaten: Darling Spuds chips, fresh and greedy Philadelphia, Canestrelli Grondona, Candies Mou Kuhbonbon, Häagen Dazs Macadamia Nut Brittle, CioccoeRiso Scotti, Fish & Crock Findus.

hamburger and fries
hamburger and fries

The theme of guilty pleasure pigs, the masochistic attraction for junk food even by purists, returns to the center of attention thanks to an article in the Guardian on the secret vices of chefs.

Abandoning oriental stills and contemporary pretensions, we indulge in the convenience of pre-cooked curry noodles. And if you no longer want to wrap sushi and sashimi, take the one from the refrigerated counter in supermarkets.

Even diaphanous, divinely wispy Gwyneth Paltrow admits to stocking up on Oreo cookies.

Anthony Bourdain, the author of Kitchen Confidential is very passionate about offal and kidney; so too Dave Chang, a New Yorker of Korean origin defined by Time magazine as the most influential cook in the world, is deliciously the victim of fried brains, fried chicken skin topped with caviar, sour cream and chives.

junk food
junk food

And the Italian chefs? Lorenzo Cogo, young dominus of the starred restaurant El Coq in Marano Vicentino, loves grilled cockerel, chips and the liter beer of the Rooster House chain.

Marco Martini, who has recently left La Stazione di Roma restaurant, takes advantage of McDonald's Bacon Cheeseburger at least once a month. And always in the voice junk food he brings out Kinder Pinguì, Fruttolo, Kinder Delice and Haribo candies.

And then, in quick succession: Daniele Usai del Tino di Ostia doesn't go to the cinema without caramel popcorn. For Luciano Monosilio del Pipero at the Rex in Rome, the Fiesta is the best.

We stay in the capital. The many years spent in London have left Francesco Apreda of the Imàgo restaurant in the Hassler hotel with a passion for hot dogs. Arcangelo Dandini of the Arcangelo e di Supplizio restaurant in the capital is a voracious consumer of Loacker, Pavesini and Galatine potato chips, wafers.

As if that weren't enough, combine Buondì Motta and sweetbreads, rusks and fried frogs. I don't know if you know what I mean.

And if Cristina Bowerman of Glass and Romeo does not go beyond the Cerignola taralli with beer, for the Neapolitan Ilario Vinciguerra of the homonymous restaurant in Gallarate, guilty pleasure means sandwiches with sausages and broccoli.

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