925 pounds: how the most expensive kebab in the world is made
925 pounds: how the most expensive kebab in the world is made

Dear kebab, faithful companion of repeated hangover, no nocturnal raid with friends can be truly complete without your greasy but economical presence.

One moment, economic?

Normally yes, not in the case of the Royal Kebab dished by the restaurant Hazev from London for the modest sum of 925 pounds.

The exorbitant price reflects the choice of raw materials: the famous Wagyu beef, morels (delicious spring mushrooms) and Terre Bormane balsamic vinegar of Modena aged 25 years. Which alone, in London, costs 185 pounds for a 10 centiliter bottle.

Other ingredients of the dish are: French Chaumes cheese, courgette flowers, basil, Israeli artichokes and French extra virgin olive oil.

Expensive kebab in London
Expensive kebab in London

Onder Sahan, head chef of the restaurant-bar-deli (now home to the most expensive kebab in the world) in London is the creator of this unique piece:

"We try to change the image of kebabs, and show that things can be done in any way, if you have good taste".

But it doesn't stop there: the daredevil Sahan is willing to pay £ 1000 if someone can prove they cook a better plate of kebab than his own.

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