Gwyneth Paltrow: diet and bee stings to stay fit
Gwyneth Paltrow: diet and bee stings to stay fit

This time, at least, they won't accuse her of brazenly bragging about her privileges as they always do when a new recipe book comes out.

But for sure it will be controversy. After all Gwyneth Paltrow he got used to it, otherwise his profitable site would not list Cordyceps, a parasitic fungus that infects insect brains and turns them into zombies, among the ingredients of smoothies recommended for energetic awakening, wrote the Guardian.

Well yes, for the pleasure of one smoothie the actress suggests that fans consume a mushroom that acts on the brain.

For this reason, he also recommends the vaginal steam bath to purify the uterus, balance the hormone level and improve digestion, while the other day he revealed to the New York Times his recent interest in apitherapy.

Particularly for the practice of making oneself deliberately sting by bees so as to reinvigorate the tissues and keep inflammation away.

The beauty treatment to accompany the diet involves the use of the poison produced by bee stings, now certified as natural botox, to relax, firm up and appear younger.

Yes, I got stung by bees, Paltrow told an incredulous New York Times reporter, apitherapy is usually used to treat inflammation and scars. It is actually an incredible treat. Beware, however, it is extremely painful.

The treatment consists of placing the bees along the spine to evenly distribute the poison throughout the body.

The unstoppable Gwyneth seems very satisfied with the result, which allows her to follow a less strict diet than in the past, especially regarding carbohydrates and alcohol, her alleged weaknesses.

It's also nice to drink vodka and eat french fries. But as you age your metabolism slows down, you have to be careful.

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