Celiac children? The school canteen costs € 3,100 per year
Celiac children? The school canteen costs € 3,100 per year

The New York Times wrote at the beginning of the year that by now eat gluten-free it's a trend for the wealthy, whites, especially leftists.

We spread a glutinous veil over all this, but the fashion has now taken hold: out there it is teeming with people who think they should eat gluten-free even if they are not celiacs.

If a celiac eats foods that contain gluten, the protein slowly breaks down their intestines. He must therefore follow a diet based on gluten-free products, which is still quite expensive.

For example, bakery products cost an average of 40 to 60 euros, and only in recent years have we seen the first dedicated lines even outside pharmacies. The contribution provided by the State is approximately 100 euros per month.

The parents of two celiac children aged 6 and 8 know something about it, who have seen the school canteen fees jump from 1,110 euros per year to 3,100 euros, due to the dedicated gluten-free menu.

It all starts in December 2014: the parents of a celiac child ask the management of the Convitto Cirillo in Bari to administer, as required by law 123 of 2005, a gluten-free menu.

Not having equipped kitchens, the school turns to a specialized company, Ladisa, which provides the child's meals (free of charge). The problem seems solved but the following year another girl with the same disease enrolled in the same institution.

Ladisa is no longer available to provide meals, so Convitto Cirillo is forced to go to a specialized laboratory which asks for the modest sum of 15 euros each to prepare the meals of the two children, totaling 3,100 euros a year.

The school does not receive any additional funds, so the sum is entirely borne by the parents.

The families disagree, and by virtue of law 123 they ask that the school be paid. But she answers spades because she would be forced to use the money of other families.

Pressed by an indignant Michele Calabrese, regional president of Aic (Italian Celiac Association), the school director Anna Cammalleri defends herself as best she can, that is badly:

“If I get a vegan, then what do I do? Then they all come to Cirillo. I do not intend to be sued for misappropriation of funds. Ours is a collective canteen, everyone can use it, but if there are additional costs they have to pay them.

Tell him that being celiac is not a choice.

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