Raindrop Cake: which of you will prepare it first?
Raindrop Cake: which of you will prepare it first?

Do you remember cronuts? C-R-O-N-U-T-S?

Half croi-ssant and half do-nuts (American donuts), are layers of puff pastry first fried then rolled in sugar, glazed and finally filled with cream.

In 2013, the queues outside Dominique Ansel's pastry shop in New York, the inventor of cronuts, were endless. A couple of seasons and Homer Simpson's donut has become terribly out of date, which is why you don't remind any New Yorker that you've tasted a cronut.

Instead, tell him you're crazy about raindrop cake.

raindrop tim Ireland 2016 2
raindrop tim Ireland 2016 2

The pastry chef this time is Darren Wong, of Japanese origin, and the Raindrop cake at first glance could be mistaken for a giant drop of water: it is actually a cake.

Low in calories, the dish is based on agar, a polysaccharide used as a natural gelling agent and obtained from red algae. Inspiration comes from mochi, small Japanese rice flour rolls filled with ice cream or bean jam, very popular and popular in Japan.

At the moment, New Yorkers buy it, paying $ 8 per serving, at Smorgasburg, the metropolitan market in the Brooklyn area.

raindrop cake
raindrop cake

The preparation is not particularly difficult, the right balance must be found between water and gelatin, because the Raindrop cake is not just a shape, but a delicate consistency, similar to that of water.

It is eaten alone, with a spoonful of honey and some grilled walnuts, it is too good to be used as a base for other preparations, an excessive scialo.

Transporting it, at the moment, can be complicated, but let's tackle one problem at a time, first there is the recipe. Darren Wong also explained it in a video interview with the Daily News

1. Mix 15 grams of agar and 12 grams of granulated sugar in a saucepan

2. Gradually add 500 centiliters of water to dissolve the agar and sugar mixture well

3. Dissolve the agar completely by boiling the mixture over the heat

4. Pour into a round mold

5. Cool in the refrigerator

6. Once hardened, remove the cake from the mold, add honey and flour

7. Eat within half an hour, otherwise everything will melt and goodbye Raindrop Cake.

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