Yes, the $ 90,000 cake for Queen Elizabeth exists
Yes, the $ 90,000 cake for Queen Elizabeth exists

Rules of viral food: chefs, pastry chefs, pizza chefs and mixologists have understood that this is an extravagant idea to attribute to absurd prices draws attention to them.

As a result, the list of the most expensive foods in the world is getting longer every day: from kebab (925 pounds) to steak (3,000 euros), from hundred-year-old whiskey ($ 17,000) to pizza ($ 1,000), from martini cocktail ($ 10,000) to the hamburger ($ 5,000).

The honorary cake was missing.

Best wishes and long life to Queen Elizabeth II, but a similar milestone is not celebrated with a cake which, although prepared by the winning pastry chef of Bake Off, a cult program of the BBC, is made with simple sugar paste.

90 years queen elizabeth cake
90 years queen elizabeth cake

Let's not do braccini, come on: the sugar paste is not queen enough.

So what do you think a chef in New Orleans, United States, in search of Warholians 15 minutes of fame?

A cake that costs 90,000 dollars, a thousand for each year of the queen.

Gee, how can a cake cost that much?

Pastry chef Shen Li, of the Windsor Court Hotel, did things right: stuffed his millefeuille with Cristal sauce (raspberry, passion fruit and Cristal champagne) he wrapped it with 24-karat edible gold leaf, and in the decoration based on berries he inserted a ring. Worthy of a queen of course: diamonds and a 3.95-carat ruby.

Such a royal cake could only be a limited edition: those who want to try it have three months to collect all the coins from the piggy bank, move to New Orleans, and indulge in the luxury of a true king.

Sorry, queen.

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