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Craft beer: the best Italian IPAs from each region
Craft beer: the best Italian IPAs from each region

Heavy drinkers of strictly sugar-free (burnt) coffee, serial sippers of pure theine, addicts of extra dark chocolate (90% cocoa), compulsive consumers of radicchio and chicory.

You who have to suffer a little to enjoy. In short, all people who know well and know how to appreciate the bitter side of taste, it will not be that you are also addicted to IPA?

It is one of the styles responsible for the American beer renaissance, its decisive and characterizing hops were able to quickly cross the borders of the stars and stripes, decreeing, in fact, the beginning and the success of the new craft era (transposition of what we call craft beer).

Between one sip and the next, Italy has also been talking about it (and drinking about it) for the past 10 years.

The interpretations and variations on the theme India Pale Ale they are also furious with us and it is impossible not to notice them in the productions of the boot. So, if you too can't resist a citrusy and resinous nose to a strong bitterness, this tourist trip in the tricolor IPA could interest you.

IPA beer
IPA beer

Disclaimer: 1) choosing a single name in some regions was half torture, but so be it. 2) The list is the result of tastings with which I train the liver, therefore of my highly questionable judgment. 3. Val d’Aosta, Basilicata, Puglia and Sicily are missing, do you have any suggestions?


IPA (Italian Pale Ale) - Scarampola

This variation on the theme enriched with grapefruit emphasizes the nose of citrus scents (predominant characteristic of US hops) and dresses the style with italic aromas.


Wave Runner - Hammer

From quality control in Ferrero to (excellent) beers it is a short step. Marco Valeriani, Hammer's head brewer, certainly has an eye for hops.


canediguerra, ipa
canediguerra, ipa

American IPA - Canediguerra

Never heard? Something tells me that in recent years you have certainly tasted beers produced by those holy (roughly) hands of Alessio Gatti (aka Allo). If I were you, I would keep an eye on them.


Colonial - Batzen

There is no site on the site, but I swear they do. And it's good too! Look for it.


Amitabh - Ofelia Craft Brewery

Enjoyable interpretation of the style in an English key. An English IPA in which hops and a malty base find a harmonious partnership.


At Freewheelin 'IPA - Leaves of Grass Brewery

And in short, I like Gino Perissutti's beers (and the facts matter to me).


touchalmatto, cesarini area
touchalmatto, cesarini area

Cesarini area - Toccalmatto

Did you say hops? And where else could I look for if not in the Toccalmatto house? Long live the Zone, a timeless and always greedy classic.


Reappear - Small Clandestine Brewery

We go to Livorno to taste the Reappala, de '!


Suburbia (English IPA) - Perugia Beer Factory

English hopping (even in dry hopping, do you know what it is? I mention it HERE) in this version whose name pays tribute to "one of the most incredible clubs ever seen on the Italian punk - rock scene", created in collaboration with Toccalmatto.


Breaking Hops (Double Ipa) MC-77

Intensely hopped and otherwise non-alcoholic (7.2% vol), here's a badass version of IPA. The double, in fact.


Follower - Ventoforte

Strong wind with hints of hops I would say. This Roman brewery is decidedly Anglophone. Follower is one of the many variations on the hops theme.


Overdose or drug
Overdose or drug

Overdose - Opperbacco microbrewery

Did we say that we like amaro? Well, Opperbacco meets Dada and Foglia D’erba, the match is expressed in this "deliberately exaggerated" IPA. You are warned.


Dulcamara - Kashmir

An England - USA partnership in the choice of hops to powder the nose of this gritty hopped lady.


Noscia - Maltovivo

Maltovivo offers us his idea of IPA, and we drink it.


Mericana - 'In Magara

We have the Calabrian who wants to be an American and she seems to be in good health.


50 Knots - P3 Brewing Company

Wind in the stern for this burst of Sardinian hops.

Have I embittered you enough?

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