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10 unrivaled Italian brunches, type by type
10 unrivaled Italian brunches, type by type

It is difficult to determine when the bad reputation of the brunch (crasis of the terms breakfast and lunch), the typical Sunday meal in Anglo-Saxon countries, when you get up late to have breakfast but still earlier than lunch.

Someone mentions the divine Anthony Bourdain, the American chef who in the far-sighted best-seller Kitchen Confidential compared the brunch menu, much loved by chefs from Spain, to a sort of "waste dump".

Many years and many reruns of Sex & The City later, the prejudices remain: “Brunch is for the stupid”, the unusually rude headline the New York Times, “Let's stop talking about brunch“, relaunches New York.

The point, however, is another. There is brunch and brunch: okay, most of it isn't worth it, yet even in Italy there are places that celebrate brunch culture without limiting themselves to the worn-out cliché of Bloody Mary or eggs Benedict.

More frequent in large cities, especially Northern and Central Italy, less so in the South, we list 10 that deserve attention, divided by categories. Good feedback from you is welcome.

10. Family Brunch

A place in Milan, Milan

A place in Milan; brunch
A place in Milan; brunch

A demonstration of the good intentions of Cascina Cuccagna, an oasis in the metropolis with 1500 square meters of garden? The neo-classic egg cooked at 65 °, with sautéed mushrooms, chicken egg bottarga and parmesan popcorn. The buffet is relegated to "agricultural aperitifs" and to the days of the week, while on Sundays the closing of the kitchen is postponed to 15.00, with the à la carte menu.

Special attention is paid to the little ones. There is (really) a menu for babies. Polenta and Parmigiano Reggiano (3 euros), because it doesn't always have to be the usual baby food. For children, instead, hamburger of fassona with toma cheese, which in combination with the games available makes a very Happy Meal by McDonald's, but an alternative one.

If you are in Turin, a valid alternative for the family brunch is at the Torpedo of the NH hotel: baby menu at 5 euros and the possibility for older children to participate in the buffet with the grown-ups paying 15 euros. Little men, half price.

09. Michelin Brunch

Unique, Milan

Brunch; unique; April
Brunch; unique; April

In the highest starred restaurant in Europe, which remained there on the twentieth floor while chef Fabrizio Ferrari replaced Felice Lo Basso, a real lunch is served more than breakfast + lunch.

Nothing "I would like but I can't" but tasting menu with the possibility of choosing first and second courses among some proposals, and a range of buffet desserts with mention of merit for the glazed donut.

50 euros, excluding wines: a bit like going to the outlet of a Michelin restaurant. You will have your own designer bag that has never been in style, but it will be a nice brunch and… find another one with a similar view.

08. Bakery Brunch

Nazzareno Bakery, Rome


Care of the ingredients such as the well-roasted bacon that accompanies the eggs and the choice of Italianizing the brunch, every Sunday from 11:30 to 15:30, choosing excellent ingredients. One for all is the excellent buffalo mozzarella.

But it is the cakes, many, delicious and not artificial, that establish that it is 20 euros well spent, in this sui generis bakery, also a cocktail bar and restaurant with regional menus (and a fixed price of 25 euros).

07. Tuscan Brunch-one

Salt Theater, Florence

Teatro del Sale, Florence
Teatro del Sale, Florence

It is a club, you need to have a card. Don't make that face, with 30 euros you can get rid of the trouble and for a year you have evening shows (because you are in a real theater) and brunch. From 12 to 14.30, throughout the week, lampredotto and a large quantity of clam stew are staged.

The dishes are many and change often, to increase salivation is provided by the Tuscan thrust of the recipes, which force nine times out of ten to make the shoe.

15 euros from Monday to Friday, 20 on Saturdays and Sundays.

06. Fish Brunch

La Crostaceria, Rome


If until a few years ago the Crostaceria was given to buffets, the current management understood (it didn't take long) that all you can eat fish is not a wise choice, wanting to maintain certain standards.

The restaurant has been in Monti since 1900 and has an imprinting based on fresh fish. Today it offers an à la carte Sunday menu from 12.30 to 15.00, based on carpaccio, seafood salads, salmon and avocado, foil of octopus and even fishburgers. Originality does not make the eyes widen.

Try the Catalan of Astice.

05. Bio Brunch

Ketumbar, Rome

Brunch; bio; quinoa
Brunch; bio; quinoa

The place is beautiful and kamut flour (more expensive than the others, with better nutritional values) abounds on the binge table in the form of cakes. But the price, 15 euros excluding drinks, is not as inviting as the quinoa you see in the picture.

Seasonal and as inviting as you like, even vegan-friendly, this brunch remains dangerously close to the concept of an aperitif to allow itself to cross the ten-note threshold.

Good polenta taragna, hummus and spelled strudel, pay attention to the basket (ino ino) of bread which costs two euros. The baby brunch (10 euros) is dedicated to children, assisted by a personal patient, while you indulge in craft beer or wines produced without synthetic chemicals. The bio brunch is on Saturdays and Sundays, from 12.30pm to 4pm.

04. Patisserie Brunch

Pavè, Milan


The last time we dealt with unrivaled breakfasts in Milan, Pavè, in the Bueons Aires area, was in third place. Now, it is said that everything is worth it for breakfast, after all it burns. But what excuse do we find for the disposal of brunch?

While you think about it we, perfidious, are talking about the lemon tart with trocadero biscuit with almonds and, as if that weren't enough, composed of rhubarb, ganache and fresh strawberries. Single portions like these cost between 4.50 and 5 euros. Acceptable price that mounts (too much, it will be the mother yeast) for the salty ones.

This is the case of the amatriciana sandwich, 9 euros: bacon, onion, pecorino romano and a gem, baked tomato. The price of Ceasar Salad and a glass of prosecco (17 euros, 18 with table service) is also not so moderate.

On the other hand, the sailor's snack wins everything. A proposal that seems to come out of a tale of misery by Josè Saramago, we summarize it as follows: bread, butter and anchovies from the Caribbean Sea, 7, 5 euros.

03. Jazz Brunch

Blue Note, Milan


The Italian branch of the Blue Note (the legendary New York office), which is about to attempt the adventure beyond the national borders, proposed a fascinating jazz brunch from October to March, a formula that combined a successful version of the Anglo-Saxon meal jazz music played live.

We'll talk about it again in the fall. For now you have to settle for the restaurant's dishes. Among the spring proposals: steak of turbot with cocoa crue, shitake mushrooms and cream of capuchin lettuce (in the photo)

02. Vip Brunch

Danieli Terrace, Venice


The only brunch on this list for which the Montezemolo imitated by Crozza would not scream "Poverataaa". Indeed, perhaps he passed through here, like many Hollywood celebrities and actors.

Also at the Danieli Terrace, a postcard view that does not need to be photoshopped, there is a buffet. With crusted rack of lamb and crab salad, but still a buffet. Where you go back to the table with the mound, a bit of shame but not too much.

Do not expect an Ambrose with a tray of finger food, go. Here the 110 euros each, madness on a Sunday in Venice (from 12.30 to 15.00), are more or less justified by the scenography and the open bar of Ferrari Perlé. Even beyond the plate.

01. The real american Brunch

The Perfect Bun, Rome


Not even doing the Imperial Forums back and forth for the rest of Sunday, you will be able to work off all the courses of this American restaurant, including ribs in BBQ sauce and carrot-cake. Don't try it at all.

If anything, consider what to avoid, such as Würstel and some thick cakes, in height and consistency.

Do not miss the omelette station, all freshly prepared. But the Perfect Bun, a few steps from the Pantheon, a grandiose venue with the transparent flooring of the mezzanine and an atmosphere that is worth a 10 in the evening, is famous above all for its burgers.

Brunch, from 12.00 to 15.00, costs 25 euros without alcohol: a bit too much even considering the abundance of meat. But no matter how much iceberg salad he can trim, the restaurant's real American brunch, for better or for worse, is always highly booked. Remember that.

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