Prince's cook speaks: he had changed his way of eating
Prince's cook speaks: he had changed his way of eating

"Latest Hour: found in the home of Prince over one hundred unpublished causes of death”headlines Lercio, the satirical site of fictional news.

In the absence of reliable news on what really caused the death of the American singer, the press is scraping the bottom of the barrel by proposing different hypotheses every day, from the excessive use of painkillers to untreated AIDS.

Music monthly Billboard tried to find out more by interviewing the personal cook of the American singer

According to Prince Fay Roberts, this is the name of the cook, in the last months of his life there have been changes in the singer's way of eating.

Prince had been for years vegetarian, the meat it was not part of his daily diet in any form. With a colorful expression Roberts says that anyone who wanted to eat meat should have done it outside the house, in the parking lot.

Minneapolis genius favorite dishes were broccoli pesto, roasted beets and minestrone with chermoula, a pungent herbal sauce used in Morocco to accompany grilled fish, but which is widespread throughout the Middle East.

Salads And soups reading was often on his menu. In view of an important concert, the star preferred to slow down the consumption of sweets, of which he was greedy.

But recently Prince, who suffered from frequent attacks of sore throat And stomach ache, had intensified the demand for light, easy-to-eat meals. Roberts, his personal cook for three years, added to investigators that the singer had been eating less and drinking less water for some time.

He was no longer the same person I dated almost every day.

The last meal that Roberts had prepared for him was a red pepper bisque with a cabbage and a spring vegetable salad.

Prince never consumed it: after the funeral, the cook found it intact in the fridge.

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