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Escape from the city: 10 convenient out-of-town trattorias
Escape from the city: 10 convenient out-of-town trattorias

We are almost there, it is now May. So it's good to fantasize about the upcoming sunny Sundays out of town, in which they put on their glasses and go.

All you want is to leave work and city chaos behind, get mad on the ring road for the last half hour and land as soon as possible under a pergola to enjoy good food.

To avoid having to listen to the friend on duty - the inevitable Sunday Expert, who may have read a guide on the fly during the morning toilet but there, at the footprint, he is the only one able to articulate a meaningful sentence that includes the word trattorias ”- follow the suggestions of Dissapore.

We tell you how to bank a weekend wonderful (it could be the next one, why not), in a sunny square in the Italian province.

On a budget (good news only).


Acqui Terme (Alessandria) via Mazzini, 29

Farinata, acqui terme
Farinata, acqui terme

The "Marìn", a current of sea air arriving from nearby Liguria determines the favorable climate of this town founded by the Romans and home to the famous thermal baths.

After a day at the spa there is no better solution than to appease the appetite in this ancient trattoria opened in 1950. Few dishes but of great substance: anchovies with green bagnet, the legendary bagna caoda, tajarin with truffles at a human price, the tripe and dulcis in fundo farinata, a dish that identifies the place (with references to the Livorno cake).

Composed of chickpea flour mixed and cooked in a wood oven, it is flavored with a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper.

Farinata - Price: 25 €


Brinzio (Varese) via Cadorna, 6

The runchitt
The runchitt

An ideal destination for a trip out of Milan, about seventy kilometers to find yourself a stone's throw from Lake Maggiore to the west, from Lugano to the north and a little further away from that branch of Lake Como to the east.

The proposal of this place is based exclusively on the production of the nearby farm where the vegetable garden is grown, poultry is raised and the fruits of the vast chestnut grove are awaited.

Do not leave without having tried the cockerel soup with chestnut maltagliati, in the list of unmissable chestnut-based desserts, in three varieties.

At the end, do not give up on some purchases in the adjacent farm shop.

The runchitt - Price: 25 €

3) To the Rose

Adria (Rovigo) Passionanza locality, Treponti road, 8

to the rose
to the rose

Take a walk in the nature of the Veneto regional park of the Po delta, breathe fresh air deeply, let yourself be fascinated by nature, arm yourself with binoculars and enjoy the spectacle of the flight of large flocks of geese and ducks during the migration.

To crown this day, go to Passionanza and suddenly among vegetable gardens and corn fields you will see this ancient house with a courtyard and porch. The restaurant managed by Mrs. Rigoni for over forty years will be able to welcome you gracefully and without formalities.

Start with the various types of fritai (omelettes) de spar’si (asparagus) and with scupiti (wild herbs), continue with the risottos and finish with duck alla cacciatora. An authentic trattoria that preserves the ancient traditions of Polesine gastronomy.

Alla Rosa - Price: 25 €


Vignola (Modena) via Muratori, 1

Bolognese trattoria
Bolognese trattoria

It is difficult to explain what it feels like when you meet Mrs. Lara Franchini, 88 and not hear them, a mix of emotion and admiration for the queen of this Modena restaurant.

We are in Vignola, home of cherries, a stone's throw from the medieval-style Rocca. In the dining room, her sister Luisa will list the dishes verbally with contagious sympathy and it will be mandatory to start with the legendary Bolognese tagliatelle for which no praise would be enough.

The portions are plentiful as they should have been in the past and it seems to take a leap into the past, finding oneself catapulted into the atmospheres of the first half of the last century, so well described by the director Bertolucci in his masterpiece “Novecento”.

Trattoria La Bolognese - Price: 20-25 €


Sesto F. (Florence) via Dante da Castiglione, 20

small trianon
small trianon

We are on the Florentine hills in the Cercina area, Florence is down there in the valley and the view is breathtaking. At the small Trianon the watchword is frying.

Take a seat on the cool terrace and follow our apparently unsettling suggestion: skip appetizers and first courses (even if they are very valid) and start directly with the "great fried in cobweb" which includes chicken, rabbit and brain wrapped in this mysterious cobweb.

It is forbidden to ask for clarification, they will pretend not to have heard you, the technique is jealously guarded and handed down in the family for generations.

This trattoria is the Tuscan Mecca of mixed fried food.

Small Trianon - Price: 30 €


Cupra Marittima (Ascoli Piceno) via Castello

osteria pepenero
osteria pepenero

Venture through the dusty roads that lead up to the top, in this village also called Cupra Alta where the medieval stronghold that dominates the coast stands.

From the castle, the view of this stretch of Marche washed by the Adriatic Sea is truly sensational.

At the foot of the fortress we find this tavern that successfully combines traditional cuisine and a gourmet approach. Mind you, no formalities, the menu is fixed, told verbally and varies seasonally.

The selection of local cured meats and cheeses is worthy of praise but, we are impressed by the homemade gnocchi with duck sauce that alone are worth the trip.

Pepenero - Price: 25 €


Anzio (Rome) Corso del Popolo 38

the fraschetta of the sea, anzio
the fraschetta of the sea, anzio

The green sign on the windows of this restaurant reads in Roman dialect “for 16 euros who knows what they'll give you!? Complete menu for 16 euros! . Proclamations aside, here is the low cost philosophy of this truly authentic seaside restaurant. How is it possible ?

Very simple, everything is based on the "poor" catch of the fishermen of Anzio, cooked in the old way that in jargon is called "the mazzama". Based on what the local boats have collected daily, you can take away any desire among clams, cockles, lupins and all sorts of good things that the paranza offers.

In an area full of tourist spots, the Naciti brothers offer a great lesson in food cost.

The fraschetta of the sea - Price: 16 €


Puglianello (Benevento) via Chiesa, 6

The forum of the barons
The forum of the barons

Raffaele D’Addio succeeded in an (almost) impossible feat: by taking on the role of a philologist he rediscovered some of the oldest gastronomic traditions of his land which he then contaminated with a modern and complex cuisine.

The result is to have created one of the most authoritative examples in Italy of a modern tavern accessible to all, a paradise for every self-respecting gourmet.

In addition, having succeeded in his intent in this small village in the Telesina Valley has even more the flavor of a small miracle. It deserves a very long journey.

The forum of the barons - Price: 25-30 €


Bernalda (Matera) Corso Umberto I, 194

The innkeeper, bernalda
The innkeeper, bernalda

We are in Bernalda, the ancestral town of director Francis Ford Coppola, a stone's throw from Matera and Metapontino.

It is difficult to define this reality, on the one hand an elegant tavern and on the other a restaurant with a genuine imprint. In the kitchen, Mrs. Clara confirms herself as the guardian of tradition but there is no lack of desire to do more.

We begin an exciting journey through the flavors of Basilicata and wanting to name one, we choose the tripoline with breadcrumbs and crusco pepper powder that transmit us the true Lucanian imprinting, an absolute cult.

The icing on the cake is the cellar that impresses with variety and depth of vintages.

La Loc Bandiera - Price: 25-30 €


Crispiano (Taranto) Corso Umberto, 168

the cuccagna, crispiano
the cuccagna, crispiano

Along a winding country road surrounded by citrus groves you will arrive in Crispiano, a small village where the tradition of the Apulian cooker is proudly preserved.

The skilful grilling of lamb, sausages, bombette and gnummareddi (inner rolls) remains the strong point of "La Cuccagna" but, over the years, the cuisine has evolved a lot as shown by the carbonara of wild asparagus and the numerous preparations based on thistle, a spontaneous plant that has been rediscovered here.

Stunning wine list, about 600 labels mainly of natural wines that Gianni Marsella, as a true pioneer, has been selecting in the vineyard for over twenty years.

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