Bruno Barbieri: the new restaurant is called Fourghetti
Bruno Barbieri: the new restaurant is called Fourghetti

Bruno Barbieri dissolves a doubt: the former Locanda dello Sterlino of Via Murri, in Bologna, acquired a few months ago to become his new and eagerly awaited restaurant gives way from late June to Fourghetti.

Fourghetti? Why Fourghetti? Meanwhile, it stands for four spaghetti, explained Barbieri in an interview given to Resto del Carlino, but spaghetti Bolognese has nothing to do with it.

“We simply thought of“preparing four spaghetti”in good company, as well as creating a brand to be exported around the world“.

Then there is the assonance with the English verb Forget, he points out Silvia Belluzzi, the entrepreneur of the project: "so the guest is invited to forget everything that is out there to enjoy good food and good wine".

But let's try to understand this Fourghetti better.

Barbieri says that he demanded it all start from Bologna, his city, and not from Miami as originally planned. Bologna will therefore host the parent company as well as the place where the staff will be trained, subsequently sent to the various international branches, from Barcelona to New York.

Mind you, there will be tortellini in broth made according to the true tradition of Bolognese houses, or the imperial soup and other typical dishes. But there will also be incursions and contaminations, in particular of Lebanese and Israeli cuisine.

fourghetti logo
fourghetti logo

The focus will be on vegetables grown in the Bolognese countryside, on fish and meats processed by trusted artisans but also on products from other cultures. More than zero km, Fourghetti will be a zero homologation.

Barbieri adds:

“Fourghetti will be a real home where you can arrive at any hour of the day, always finding the right hospitality. You can sip an aperitif with friends in the internal garden, but also have the chef prepare 'four spaghetti' at the counter, as well as find space for business dinners and another for romantic ones. We focus on quality but we want to be within everyone's reach ".

Fourghetti will also have five suites for those looking for accommodation with an independent entrance and without having to dine in the restaurant.

Barbieri will be joined by Daniele Simonetti, already a travel companion in the unfortunate London adventure of the Cotidie, but as expected there will be one sfoglina.

Expected opening at the end of June.

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