Ikea opens a temporary restaurant in Paris
Ikea opens a temporary restaurant in Paris

When it comes to furniture, then naming Ikea seems inevitable. Can we say the same by moving the discussion to the kitchen?

Mind you, this is not to deny that meatballs, smoked salmon and marinated herring have a good number of followers. However, it remains difficult to associate the name of the Swedish giant with gastronomy.

Instead, after trying your luck last fall with a pop up shop of food specialties open for two days, Ikea tries his luck with Krogen, a temporary restaurant that will open from 7 to 25 June in the Marais area, in Paris (the well-known chauvinism on wines and home-made food specialties does not prevent France from being the European nation with the highest number of McDonald's).

Krogen has a particular formula: there will be no noble chefs to direct the kitchen.

Instead, the Ikea site hosts a casting for amateur chefs who will compete with a three-course menu (starter, main course and dessert) costing no more than 10 euros, drinks included, for 30 customers at a time.

The only constraint for aspiring chefs in the preparation of menus? Choose at least one Ikea product.

The 15 finalists of the casting will compete during the opening weeks of the restaurant, the proceeds will be donated to charity. Reservations open on May 30th.

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