“ Bullshit ”: if there is Antonino Cannavacciuolo, the Book Fair is not boring
“ Bullshit ”: if there is Antonino Cannavacciuolo, the Book Fair is not boring

The Book Fair is a bit of a bore. Come on, let's face it. Or rather, the Book Fair is NOT a bore, but for most of us, to be honest, this is the real unspoken.

Many of us go there just to tell friends and relatives that they've been there, even better to share it on Facebook, perhaps slapping the photo with a smiley face in the company of the latest emerging writer.

Luckily, however, that at this edition of the Salone it was revealed Antonino Cannavacciuolo, to make boredom disappear in an instant, in the time of a joke, or rather of an answer.

Present at the Book Fair to illustrate his latest book to the world "The main dish is emotion. 50 recipes from South to North "(Einaudi), the national Antonino submitted to the questions of the fans with a good buzz.

But when he was asked the careless question: "Is it true that the restaurants of" Nightmare Kitchens "have failed or deteriorated after your passage? "Ours was not there too much thinking and immediately came up with a nice:" You're talking bullshit! ".


You deserve it, unwary fans: your question is not only insidious, not only inappropriate and badly posed and out of place, but worse: it is false “.

In fact, if for Kitchen Nightmares, the talent show of the famous Gordon Ramsay (Kitchens from Nightmare in the original version), it could make sense, indeed, as well 60% of the places he visited then closed their doors inexorably, as far as the national Antonino is concerned, things are very different: of all the restaurants he visited, do you know how many have definitively thrown in the towel?


No percentage, no plural: one.

This at least until July 2014, when the restaurateurs graced by the visits and holy advice of Cannavacciuolo, interviewed by Dissapore, recognized the return of advertising, visibility with an increase in customers and turnover.

And so, Antonino, we are with you! The one there, yes, the one there who is the know-it-all, the one who raised his hand and took the word pompously, well.. he just said a bitch.. a!

And you don't have to justify the colorful answer, as you seem to have wanted to do by stating immediately afterwards: “If I tell you to enter the restaurant at 7 and you keep arriving at noon, Cannavacciuolo can't do anything about it! , no.

Bravo, Antonino, we love you so!

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