Bon Jovi opens the second restaurant where you don't pay the bill
Bon Jovi opens the second restaurant where you don't pay the bill

Bon Jovi, the blond (now turning to cream) rocker with Sicilian origins, is not only capable of unfolding the uvula at exciting levels, but is also successful in another kind of enterprise.

For example, he recently opened the second restaurant.

A particular restaurant, however. Obvious: this is Bon Jovi!

His, in fact, are restaurants for those who cannot pay the bill. Yes, restaurants ALSO for the needy.

And this "also", however, must be emphasized, it must be understood, because Bon Jovi will have such a big heart, but he is not an idiot.

Restaurants are born for those who cannot pay the bill, not for those who have a short arm or think of being smart behind the rocker: in order to avoid finding the place full of freeloaders and treacherous bread eaters, the good John specifies that those who enter in the Soul Kitchens - this is the name of the premises - without having the possibility to pay the bill, you can either make a donation starting from 10 dollars, or offer your work as a volunteer in the kitchen, in the dining room or wherever you need it.

"In a society where one in five families live in poverty and where one in six Americans cannot afford to eat, it was time to open this type of establishment," our man said at the opening press conference of the unusual restaurant.

In addition, the new venue is located in Toms River, New Jersey (Where Bon Jovi was born), one of the areas most devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and which has thrown thousands of people into poverty.

So good, John, you sure are worthy of singing "My heart is like an open highway".

And now, everyone to work at the Soul Kitchen!

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