Longest pizza in the world: record or useless waste?
Longest pizza in the world: record or useless waste?

Here we go again. Every time the Guinness Book of World Records is updated with a new record, controversy floods.

There are many records related to food, the largest truffle of the world, the number of swallowed Big Macs, the most expensive cocktail. The day before yesterday the primacy of the longest pizza in the world, moreover on the seafront of my house, in Naples.

Let's recap: 1835, 88 meters in length that exceed the previous record set at the Expo; 2000 kilos from Flour used, 1600 kilos of tomato puree, 1600 kilos of milk cream, 200 liters from oil, cooking in mobile wood-burning ovens.

Hundreds of pizza chefs busy under the Neapolitan sun, then all together to eat, including charity: one kilometer of pizza, equal to 500 pieces, donated to the less fortunate.

But according to some, the maxi pizza of the other day set a record, yes, but of waste.

After the ratification of the record, the celebrations and the ritual tastings concluded, our beloved looked like this.


The Neapolitan page of the Fanpage site wrote:

The rest of this Guinness crap should have ended up in the mouths of the onlookers present at the record attempt, who nevertheless took care not to swallow it. After all, Naples is full of fabulous pizzerias. With 3 euros you have in your hands a real, hot, clean and above all artfully crafted pizza.

And who knows if the poor people ate that cold pizza, exposed to the air with flies and gull guano .

And the problem returns. What are food records for? To bring attention to a product, often the expression of a territory or a community? Or to waste valuable resources unnecessarily for the benefit of sponsors?

We don't know how to make up our minds.

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