Seawater beer that changes the price with the tide
Seawater beer that changes the price with the tide

The German Gose have infected the fans by giving to savory beers from Leipzig the unexpected status of an object of desire. Those who want to know more about Gose, savory beers and Germany can read The craft beer explained well, For all the others, drunken crews with environmentalist scams, we have something new: beer made with sea water, desalinated q.s. and sterilized, which changes price depending on the tide.

This is no joke: beer Mustache –Label with a large curled mustache– comes from the Rías Baixas area, in Galicia, Spanish region celebrated for the seafood, who produces it, that is Oscar Cascallana, explained to El Mundo that it is a tribute to the sailors of his area:

In the past, in the fishing villages, beer was accompanied by oysters. The combination is surprising thanks to the contrast between the sweetness of the beer and the salinity of the oyster.

Exported to the Dominican Republic, already in demand in the Netherlands and the United States despite production still limited to 3000 liters a year, beer made with sea water is already on sale.

At the site, called El precio lo dicta el mar (the sea decides the price), the trend of the tides in the Rías Baixas area is monitored in real time, thanks to data from the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina.

And, alongside, the price of beer, which is also constantly evolving. The price fluctuates depending on the high or low tide, from a minimum of € 2.90 to € 3.50 on the same day.

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