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Venice: bacari, restaurants and taverns in Cannaregio
Venice: bacari, restaurants and taverns in Cannaregio

If once you get to Venice and out of Santa Lucia station the main problem is not how to reach Piazza San Marco but where to stop for lunch or dinner, you are in the right place.

Here is a list of 10 clubs, in the district of Cannaregio, which protects you from the deception of a dish of precooked pasta with a bright red color of dubious origin.

There are bacari (which it seems they can never be missing), taverns and restaurants as it should be.

To you the choice.

From Rioba

foundations of Mercy, Cannaregio 2553


Let's say that the location helps: we are in one of the most fashionable areas of the moment. Let's say that the name of the place, inspired by a statue with an iron nose that seems to bring good luck, is a further note of color. Finally, let's say that the few indoor places (but you can eat outside, overlooking the canal) and the interior with bricks and exposed beams make it one of the restaurants that we stubbornly continue to define "trendy".

It is a place where quality exists and can be savored from start to finish. The Venetian roots are the starting point, but the kitchen takes liberties guided with a skilful hand.

High level, non-trivial proposals and attention to textures (the creams accompanying the dishes make the difference) that are encouraging with respect to the overall direction of the city's cuisine.

Average prices (3 courses): 60 euros.

Vecia Carbonera winery

Field of the Magdalene 2329


It is one of the classic bacari for lovers of the genre. Wide choice of cicchetti with meat, fish, vegetables and cheeses. The advice is to choose your favorites and then settle on the deck just outside.

Glass of wine in hand, to pose as true Venetians do not show too much enthusiasm for your bite (rejoice in silence and in the soul, if you can). You will blend in perfectly with the regular patrons.

Prices: cicchetti around 3 euros

Real wine

Foundations of Mercy 2497

Real wine, venice
Real wine, venice

We are always there, foundations of Mercy. Not long open: wide choice of wines, abundant cicchetti in seasonings and far from the usual combinations, for example the ubiquitous cod, gorgonzola, saor.

One of the meeting points for university students. I told you for the record, then you decide.

Prices: a bit high compared to the average (3-4 euros per shot).

Wines from Gigio

Cannaregio 3628 / A


Strada Nova. As the crowd heads towards San Marco, get ready. As soon as you see the sign for Fondamenta San Felice, take the left. And there, waiting for you, is one of the best restaurants in Venice. One of the historical ones. A classic in the best sense of the word.

The owners are competent and helpful people, the rooms, well cared for, smell of good. I know you are interested in dishes and so here they are: tagliolini with spider crab, fish soup, lobster, turbot and fresh sea bream.

And then take advantage of it: for once, snub fish and try a rarity of those that can be read in Venetian history books: mazorini, that is the lagoon ducks.

Average prices (3 courses): 55-60 euros (very well spent).

Star anise

Fondamenta de la Sensa, Cannaregio, 3272


Behind the foundation of the Ormesini is that of the Sensa. The atmosphere is the same: tranquility and relaxation. Overlooking the canal there is Anise Stellato which has become one of the reference points for the Venetian gastronomic population.

Over the years it has grown a lot and today the dishes are not only good, but also (and finally) attractive. Skilful combination of colors, correct textures, with a good knowledge and execution of the Venetian classics.

If you want to test the cuisine, choose precisely those, and in particular the bigoli in sauce, fried and cuttlefish with polenta. It is best to book, since the rate of fighettume has risen considerably.

Prices (3 courses): 50-60 euros.

From Luca and Fred

Cannaregio district, 1518


Walls with wooden beams, pots hanging from the ceiling, menus on blackboard and handwritten tags to distinguish the cicchetti, as well as phrases in dialect that praise the therapeutic virtues of wine. The rules of the perfect bacaro are all there, in fact, this is one of the most loved.

The location, in the middle of Strada Nova just beyond the Ponte delle Guglie, might lead you to think of the local tourist catcher, but the level is good.

Meatballs, skewers, mozzarella in carrozza, fish salad, crostini with cod: the great classics are there. In addition, you can also find honest first and second courses (risotto and pasta, fried food).

Prices: The cicchetti cost around 2 euros, first and second courses around 12-15.

Ghimel Garden

Cannaregio, 2873 / c

ghimel garden, venice
ghimel garden, venice

This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Venice Ghetto. To celebrate properly, here's a good place. The Ghimel Garden opened about a year ago, after a political-religious battle with Gam Gam, an Orthodox restaurant, but that's another story.

Two large rooms, a cicchetteria area, a garden for the summer months. The cuisine is obviously kosher, but you don't find only traditional Jewish dishes: there are also the classics of the Venetian tradition.

Prices: Sunday brunch provides a worthy binge for 25 euros.

Giorgione wine shop

Cannaregio, 4582 / A


The sign reads all proudly: "since 1885". It is one of those old-fashioned trattorias that fortunately have not succumbed to the temptation to call themselves a tavern by putting a vintage ac in front of it.

Traditional Venetian dishes (creamed cod, saor, spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, mixed grills and fried foods) combined with happy trials such as sea bass ravioli and gnocchi with basil-scented scallops.

Prices (3 courses): 50 euros


Cannaregio 1268

trattoria pontini, venice
trattoria pontini, venice

As soon as you have passed the Ponte delle Guglie, turn left to go towards the Ghetto. On the foundations, this restaurant appears. Sincere is the first adjective with which it can be defined. Simple dishes, without flourishes, exactly as expected.

Find the classics (spaghetti with seafood and cod, for example), and the prices are low. Courtesy, while not appearing on the menu, is there. Without surcharge.

Average prices (3 courses): 35-40 euros


Cannaregio 1423

osteria bentigodi, venice
osteria bentigodi, venice

More than a tavern, it is a real restaurant. Well-prepared dishes and various choices. The Venetian dishes are certainly there, but you will also find proposals that betray the origins of the owner (Maratea). And what makes Venetians happy, at least those who by now know all the secrets of traditional cuisine.

Perhaps a little high, compared to the others on this list, the value for money.

Average prices (3 courses): 60 euros

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