Who else disapproves of the Cornetto Algida advertising?
Who else disapproves of the Cornetto Algida advertising?

Dogs and pigs have thrown themselves against this video by Fedez and J-Ax, a song taken by Algida for the advertising of Cornetto 2016.

"It is too far from the Cuore di Panna model, too far from the reassuring Cremonini, too far from the cream and pure hearts of teenagers with their first crush", say unanimous voices in chorus.

And there is that verse that unnecessarily ridicules the Italian school: "And yet another summer will come / And we'll buy another university exam ».

To get an idea, I had to watch the video twice, which I didn't know yet. And of this burden, not that I was so enthusiastic.

But - surprise! - those were pleasant enough minutes. Given the unanimous chorus of criticism of this new Algida advertising, and therefore biased, I thought worse.

If you take the trouble to watch the commercial carefully (now let's talk about that, not the video of the song), you notice that the advertising tradition of the Algida croissant has not been betrayed at all: beautiful youth, good feelings, soft images, croissant of cream and mushy side stuff.

From the series: she, a teenager who goes on vacation with friends, points to the writer who is painting a mural. The type is handsome and in fact since she sees him, sad and melancholy, she no longer has fun with friends.

Then, look at the fate, the two get to know each other, make friends, eat a nice Algida-heart cream croissant together and are happy and content.

Exactly the images you would expect from a cream heart croissant advertisement.

Yes, the usual things Algida has accustomed us to, nothing different, if not the lyrics of the song, closer to today's teenagers. Among other things, the music is pleasant. Certainly better than the stale and ancient refrain "it is a heart of cream for nooiiii", which is also engraved in our hearts.

Ette I think: Fedez and J-Ax may like it or not, but they are not exactly the latest arrivals, and they certainly know a little more in terms of notes than the authors of advertising jingles.

In fact, the song is an honest mix of hip hop and reggae, with upbeat guitars, rhythmic, captivating, suitable for the audience it is intended for, ie teenagers; a melody that can be hummed to the rhythm of rap, what more do you want?

It's an advertisement for a croissant, an ice cream, not a Muti alla Scala premiere!

So where is all this scandal?

Maybe because the croissant appears only at the end of the movie and moreover with the taboo words "Then you eat your ice cream and make porn faces"?

Or because the academic world has reacted, and the fact that the sale of exams at the university is used as an advertisement is something that has disconcerted him.

Yet the text, in its own way, is a treasure trove of good advice for teenagers who are now dominated by smartphones and technology.

In short, "I would like but not place" does not seem out of place or inadequate, and not even so little attributable to the candid croissant, although this is only seen at the end.

Ten million of click in ten days after all, Cremonini or not Cremonini, Heart of cream or not Heart of cream make it a serious contender for the title of summer catchphrase, difficult to replicate in Italy.

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