Eataly no longer sells foie gras: Giulia Innocenzi rejoices
Eataly no longer sells foie gras: Giulia Innocenzi rejoices

Foie gras: we wrote about it so excessively that we got bored by ourselves. Once, it was January 2011, the definition was this:

“Foie gras is an incomparably velvety butter, a chronometric crossing of apparent states (semi-solid and semi-liquid) where sweet and fat interact like in no other food in the world. But a decadent butter, accompanied by the sinister fame of the gavage .

Gavage: we wrote about it so excessively that… as above. Once, it was November 2010, the definition of gavage was this:

"Foie gras is nothing more than the liver of a goose or a duck fed with a high-calorie diet, which leads to the accumulation of fat in the liver. Now, how do you get a goose to feed like that? In general, gorging her with feed through a tube stuck in her throat for a period of between 9 and 21 days. The procedure, called gavage, is painful for the animal and there is a strong debate on the lawfulness of this practice ".

We recalled its effects bluntly ("asphyxia, convulsions, heart attacks, cirrhosis and death of animals, cut beaks, blood coming out of the nostrils, feathers encrusted with their own vomit").

We personally went to the farm of a foie gras producer, we also reported the Spanish ethical variant. As well as Coop's choice: stop selling foie gras in Italy (November 2012).

flashmob, animal beings, eataly
flashmob, animal beings, eataly

So, what to add today after learning about Eataly's participation in the #ViaDagliScaffali campaign launched by "Being Animals", the association that released the shock video showing ducks and geese subjected to force-feeding?

Maybe: better late than never.

And what to add to the words of Giulia Innocenzi, a young anti-foie gras warrior who commented on the news as if it were who knows what turning point, with these words?

"Another victory for the animals, made possible only thanks to investigations that show the brutality of intensive farming!".

Can you help us?

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