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Pizza al pan: the 12 best in Turin
Pizza al pan: the 12 best in Turin

There was a time when the pan pizza, the dear, old woman Turin pizza, no one was spinning anymore, and if you, sad outdated figure, wanted to taste one, you had to go and eat it alone: no one would follow you.

Now, however, year of grace 2016, here in Turin they all seem to have grown up on bread and frying pan.

The pan pizza was the first, and for a long time also the only pizza in the city, served in small and simple places that recalled the old Genoa flour shops. And, just like in the farinaterie, in the pan-fried pizzerias an excellent farinata paired with the pan-fried pizza in a strong and indissoluble bond.

Then, in the 70s, the so-called "brick" pizzerias spread (as the pizza - new! - was cooked directly on the stone, on the bottom of the oven, and not in various trays or pans), which baked a pizza completely different from the high, soft and soft one to which you were used to: thin, crunchy (I call it "hard", but I do not make sense), pulled at the moment by the agile hands of the pizzaziolo: the Neapolitan pizza.

With which the pan pizza has nothing to do; soft, smooth and without edges, without "cornices". It is all pulp, all heart, and the sauce, generously spread over the soft surface, reaches straight up to the circumference of the pizza.

Already spread in the single-portion pans, tegliette that do not exceed 20 cm in diameter in aluminum or iron, and hence the name, and partially seasoned (only with tomato sauce) it is placed quietly to rest in a cool place until the moment of use., when it is then finished seasoning and finally cooked.

It will abandon its beautiful pan only once it is taken out of the oven, when it will be transferred to the plate to be tasted with great pleasure.

This is the pizza al pan in Turin.

And now, everyone is crazy about it, now that the pizzerias that serve it are multiplying at an exponential rate and we no longer have a foreign foot on our heart - aka Neapolitan pizza - putting a little order was necessary.

Attention, "al frying pan", and not "al frying pan", as many say now. Because in the small pan, at most we cook two eggs, not the pizza!


pan pizza, turin
pan pizza, turin

(in absolutely random order).


Corso Principe Eugenio 17

Located behind the cinema of the same name also frequented by Cesare Pavese (but not with too much joy, as in the letter to his sister in which he states "I hated the Ideal, with its" armchairs "with wooden backs"), it serves a fragrant pizza and tasty with one of the best farinata.

A guarantee that has lasted for decades, a quality that has been handed down from father to son (trust those who, like me, until recently had the good fortune to live there).


Via Madama Cristina 63

Dough on average more consistent and compact than other pan pizzerias, but always excellent. Like farinata (trust those who, like me, have been lucky enough to live near it for some time. Yes, I choose the houses to move to based on their proximity to pizzerias in the pan).

For some years now, the normal brick pizza has also been offered, but we, pan-fried lovers, don't care.

At the Padellino

Corso Vinzaglio 21

Truly among the best pizzas al pan in Turin, if not the best, such as farinata. Need anything else? A soft but not spongy dough, savory at the right point, a sauce that is always perfectly dosed.

Very large rooms and outdoor areas, but always full to the point of unbelievable. Fortunately, the service is fast and efficient and of quality. Like pizza. The deviled one with spicy salami is excellent. And the pizza chef, likeable in his discretion (or perhaps precisely for this reason), adds one more point to my favorite pizza (ah, did I already say that?)

From Michi

Via San Donato 38

Another certainty of Turin, with a large hall, efficient service and guaranteed quality, which has also been a destination for frying pan enthusiasts for decades.

Here too, if you want, brick pizza is offered. See point 2 in relation to the interest in the same.

In the pan

Via Bogino 5

A “relatively” young pizzeria, where a pan-fried pizza with sourdough and rectangular shape is served. A gourmet pizza, for refined and demanding palates. Gabriele Torretto and Beniamino Bilali, on the other hand, are considered gurus when it comes to pan-fried pizza, as Dissapore reported at the time.

Cit ma bon

Corso Casale 34

In front of the imposing spectacle of the Po and the greenery of Corso Casale, this pizzeria is another of the certainties of the Turin frying pan lovers, as well as the inevitable and exquisite farinata.

A quality that has lasted from time immemorial in a sober and unadorned place. It never disappoints.

From Gino

Via Monginevro 46

Historic pizza, served in large rooms and with a fast and efficient service. Another staple for pan-fried pizza and farinata lovers.

Red sauce

Corso Moncalieri 190 \ a

A young pizzeria but with all the numbers in order to compete with the historical ones: soft and fragrant pizza with farinata no less in the beautiful setting of Corso Moncalieri, on the banks of the Po.


Piazza Vittorio Veneto 4

Among the oldest pizzerias in the pan, always managed by the same owner and pizza chef. A certainty, with a view of Piazza Vittorio Veneto - one of the most beautiful and largest squares in Europe - and the green hills of Turin.

Excellent pizza and farinata. Service and courtesy are often not up to par, you decide, you have been warned.


Via Mazzini 6

Brand new entrance, open just a couple of months ago in one of the most central and beautiful streets of Turin, is a pizza capable of fearfully undermining the oldest sisters.

Service still to be run in and subject to improvement, good pizza and farinata as well, even if excessively thin.

Pizzeria Loiero Damiano

Via Borgaro 66

To enjoy one of the best and oldest pizzas in the pan in Turin, you will have to - alas - leave the beautiful center of Turin and go to an area that is certainly not touristy, and not particularly interesting, in a clean and welcoming place but without fashion ambitions.

On the other hand, going up to Via Borgaro will be worth it because you will taste one of the best pizzas in the pan in Turin, with relative farinata.

The friends of the pan

Via San Tommaso 9f.

Small and spartan place, with the structure more of a take away with tables than a real pizzeria, but we aim at the point, at the substance.

An excellent and abundantly seasoned pizza in the beautiful atmosphere of the historic center of Turin, among those narrow streets that make it look so much like Lyon. Friendly service to accompany the pizzas worthy of such a setting.

13: brings bad luck

And in fact, the thirteenth pizzeria is not there. Or rather, it is a new exit, and not an entry.

In fact, the Turinese - lovers of pizza al pan in Turin - will immediately notice that, in this ranking of the best pizzerias in the pan in Turin, one is missing. Among the oldest, moreover, I do not mention the name to avoid being cited for defamation.

Here, the pizza currently served in this pizzeria (at least the one in its "branch"), excellent decades ago, is not what it used to be. Toasted, dry, hard and with little seasoning. Sin. Fortunately, the quality of many of the new entries makes up for this sad ending.

And you, inveterate lovers of Neapolitan pizza, don't you want to take a trip to Turin to enjoy an original, unique, inimitable and faithful pan pizza over the centuries?

P. S.: I know that you are there to ask yourselves which is the pizzeria that came out of the ranking, I know …

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