Away with the black children from Kinder, but they are the players of the national team
Away with the black children from Kinder, but they are the players of the national team

Remember the blond brats, now grown up, with sea blue eyes and regulation teeth who have alternated smiling on the packaging of Kinder bars - Ferrero? And sure, how could we forget them?

For eons they smiled at us, immutable and reassuring, in their blond Teutonicity, from the packaging of chocolate bars.

Well, now the blond children have come and gone again, they have changed. Much changed. So changed that they are no longer all blond and Teutonic but some of them, differently tanned, smile at us from those same packages once monopoly of their blond-gifted peers.

Nothing wrong with that, right? Children like chocolate, everyone, and therefore there is no telling where the problem lies.

Too bad that the Pegida (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, party of patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, acronym PEGIDA), an organization of the extreme right in Germany, arises:

kinder ferrero bars
kinder ferrero bars

Do we really want to call those brats of the second or third generation a little too tanned "German"? Has our Germany really become so multiracial and multicolored that it is now represented by little children of all shapes and colors?

But above all, "are you not going to buy those bars so badly representative of our Teutonic, blond, even Aryan people?"

Too bad that the children in question were German. Indeed more. That is German national football team. A much more important national team, for many, than the institutional one, especially in view of the next European football championships.

It is a pity that the smiling faces from Ferrero's packaging are precisely the aforementioned players when they were still infants. Samples like Boateng or Gündogan.

Therefore, having discovered the deadly gaffe, many on social media have lashed out against the far-right party shouting "Whoever lashes out at the photos of Boateng or Gundogan is not an enemy of foreigners, but a traitor of the people!".

Thus Ferrero, probably still appalled by the xenophobic clamor aroused by the smiling little children, clarified the "misunderstanding". And anyway, in the meantime we talk about it, and a lot. Of children, yes, but also of Ferrero and its bars.

You know, to sell, everything makes broth. Also the Pegida.

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